Welcome to the AI world : “LEX” by AWS (launching Artificial Intelligence for developers)

LEX has AI capabilities and can be used to create Conversational Bots or Interfaces.

The Bot-AI dev workflow: in simple way

Input Speech/Text ->LEX service ->transforms to Text->understands the Intent of the User ->based on the Intent and parameters runs Actions.

The Responses: can be Text or Voice

In Actions: LEX can invoke a Lambda function/REST API/3rd Party service/return Response for additional information from User.

  • To take an Action, LEX will require all Parameters for your desired Intent.
  • Once LEX gets all the parameters, it will take the Action for your desired Intent.

Example of using LEX:

  • User — Input text: “can you order a Domino’s Pizza please?”
  • Intent: order Pizza
  • Parameters: Type of Pizza, Size of Pizza, Delivery address
  • Action: invoke the Domino’s API call [post method — /api/dominos/order/pizza]

LEX understands your Intent, but within your Context and this is very important in a conversational interface.

Conversational Interface -

LEX is a the system which powers ECHO and ALEXA.

The User using the Bot service, will talk to LEX and get responses from LEX.

Start using LEX for creating your AI powered Bot system.