what is NSX by VMware ?

** I am not a network expert, but learning to understand the domain.

VMware NSX® is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivering the operational model of a virtual world.

A Physical Data center consists of these parts:

  1. Physical Network
  2. Physical Firewall
  3. Physical Switches/Routers
  4. Physical Hosts
  5. Hypervisor/Virtual Machines

The Operations team has to manually manage the complexity and configuration changes of these Physical parts, whenever a change in network or firewall is required. There is lot of manual work involved.

NSX is the solution to automate the network management and manual tasks.

A Virtual Data center consists of these parts:

  1. Virtual Network
  2. Virtual Firewall
  3. Virtual Switches/Routers
  4. Physical Hosts
  5. Hypervisor/Virtual Machines
  6. Every Hypervisor will have its own vSwitch
  7. Security policies live on the Individual Hypervisor vSwitch

The Virtual network functions will replace the Physical firewall with Distributed Virtual firewall, like the Virtual machines. Even the Router is Virtual.

If any VM wants to talk to any other VM running in the same Physical Host, the packets will not flow to the Physical network or firewall. The packets will flow directly to the second VM [all inside the same Physical host].

Along with the Hypervisors and Virtual machines, we can implement Networks with Virtual parts. This will change the way Operations team will Operate the Data centers and network tasks.

Ops team will have to learn Network virtualization and this will make their office life and manual tasks much simpler and automated.

with NSX we can create Virtual firewalls, Virtual networks, ACL, stateful network policies, grouping Policies, segmentation, etc.

We don’t need to change the physical attributes or any device changes, if we want to add Hosts, create Networks, change security policies, change firewall rules, etc.

NSX along with Hypervisor and Virtual machines, is changing the way Physical datacenters are managed.

Welcome to the 100% Software defined datacenter.

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