India Is Depressed-Mann Ki Baat

The taboo around depression makes people shy away from seeking help

Maa, I need to talk to you.

Ok, but first finish your dinner.

Maa, I really need to talk to you.

Ok, what is it?

Maa, I’m depressed.

Shush, there is no such thing as depression, if you came out of your room and talked to us more often you won’t be getting such foolish thoughts.

Maa, you don’t understand, I can’t stop feeling this way.

I’ll take you to the mandir on Monday and you’ll stop being silly.


With the changing lifestyle, the run to get to the top of the ladder, the pressure to fit in, the fear of losing out and the dance with deadlines, we are losing ourselves. We end up feeling like lab rats at the end of the rat race; if we manage to survive till the end. The blues, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, burnout. So many people deal with depression, but because of the taboo around it, they fail to seek help and decide to suffer in silence. The presumption that talking to a psychiatrist is only for people who are “mad” is slowly killing millions.

We choose to ignore the signs, because we live under the pretense that health is only “physical well being”, matters of the mind always take a backseat. Awareness about depression and mental disorders is the need of the hour.

In the March edition of “Mann Ki Baat”, our Prime Minister has urged his fellow countrymen to break the taboo about depression. Quoting our honourable PM,“I want to tell my countrymen, that depression is not incurable. There is a need to create a psychologically conducive environment to begin with. The first mantra is the expression of depression instead of its suppression. Share openly what you are going through, with your colleagues, friends, parents, brothers, and teachers.”

Even though there are more than 10 million cases of depression reported in India each year, many people still choose to ignore it, assuming that it will go away with time. There’s not one, but multiple types of depression.

Let’s look at the facts and figures:

Only one out of four people, who are depressed, seek help. A survey conducted by DocsApp, revealed an alarming number, among people who seek help, 43% are women and 57% are men. The remainder of the populace who are suffering from depression do not even seek help, they assume that this problem is a way of life.

The survey further revealed that the main triggers of depression are, matrimonial disturbances, relationship issues, work induced stress, fear of examinations and financial hardship. Delving further into the details, it was identified that people refrain from discussing about mental health issues stating the prevalence of a taboo around mental health care, they wouldn’t want to be caught dead visiting a psychiatrist. They also do not feel comfortable talking to a specialist, in person, about their issues.

DocsApp offers a unique solution for people fearing their privacy being compromised: People can now chat with a specialist doctor from anywhere at anytime. You can consult specialists via chat or call and discuss your problems.

1200+ doctors from over 15 specialities such as gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry etc can be accessed in less than 30 minutes, 24x7 on the app. More than 7,00,000 Indians have already benefitted from the app.

While we keep ourselves busy with the monotony of our urban lives, a lot of souls amongst us are tossing coins, saying prayers, making wishes on falling stars and crossing their fingers; hoping and praying for a miracle. Break the taboo, spread the word, help someone in need, depression is curable, being aware is the first step in getting well. Talk to a specialist on DocsApp, help is always just an app away!

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