It’s inheritance that is immoral, not inheritance tax
Abi Wilkinson

This is such an invasion of property rights. It is not up to you or whomever to decide how much of my money I deserve to keep. That is sick. I understand and am sympathetic to the struggle in one’s mind over how a filthy rich person can just keep stacking money and leaving it to their children and on and on, and not one person of “need” may benefit from the accumulated wealth. That still does not justify taking something that isn’t yours. That is stealing. The path to despotism is paved with good intentions. My advice to anyone concerned over those in “need”: help them in the way you are able and stop telling other people how to live their life. The most basic tenet of a free society, like it or not, is property rights. Inheritance is immoral? You are actually insane. Socialism and its cousins has such a track record of failure that only the intellectually dishonest (or stupid) can still believe it benefits mankind.

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