Doing what you wanna do.

I’ll try Keep this short and sweet.

Right, so I work with dogs.

When people ask me what I do, I just categorise myself as a dog trainer. I only really spend a small amount of time actually “training”, most of the time we are out exploring, walking, running, swimming, climbing, playing… and along the way they are learning. I teach as I go, whats expected of them as a pack, and what they are/aren't allowed to do. Creating calm, balanced family/companion dogs.

I’m new to this whole public bloggy sorta thing. I’ve always loved writing, but never for other peoples eyes, so im still unaware of what my target audience is, bare with me as I ramble. I just feel I have so much to share, but not sure which parts people want to hear.

I grew up traveling through third world countries with my family running medical clinics helping people with all sorts of illness, disease and wounds (t.b, cholera,landmine wounds(leftover from war in Cambodia etc) I was the “chemist”.. lol

Being in super remote locations in dense jungle id hang out with all the animals. They were something familiar to me and spoke the same language no matter which place I was.

So being back in my homeland, New Zealand, I had no idea on what I wanted to be/do. I just never really wanted to grow up. But life happens, So I went about my life doing jobs, always knowing they were temperary until I figured “it” (life) out.

One day I asked myself, what did I enjoy doing most when I was a child.

I believe this is still the most powerful thing that a lot of people can do to figure out their true passion. Maybe not if you really enjoyed picking your boogers, but im sure it could help some others who are stuck.

I just really liked dogs. Nuff said. Do something with dogs.

There were a few paths I could have taken, Vet, animal control, police dog or drug dog handler… Just none really felt natural enough for me. So I just started walking all the neighbourhood dogs in a massive pack like I did with wild dogs in Papua New Guinea. This soon caught a bit of local attention which lead to people asking for training advice.

I would be studying everyday, everything I could get my hands on to do with dogs. When I was about 20, I needed to slay some dragons, prove myself… to myself. I was full of fight, ready to take on anything and everything. I was on my way to buy tickets to america, just going to gap it, no plans, not much money, just knew i wanted to work for Cesar Millan. I couldnt become the worlds best “trainer” in Palmerston North (little city in NZ). I got knocked off my bike on my way to get my tickets and broke my wrist. I took this as a sign that it wasn't time yet.

Because of this, I grew. It forced me to do it on my own. I Had hoped to just rock up to Cesar and be like “hey can i work for you for free?” … lol……….. I would have worked fucking hard too. But life does these things, just to make sure you REALLY want it.

I challenged myself everyday, with my dream in mind to become the best… dog “trainer”. I kept humble, honourable, polite, and worked my ass off (without even knowing it, until now i realise all that time spent studying, practising, marketing) my free time was spent working towards my dreams. and I spent them so well. It wasnt work for me. it was fun. challanging. and so rewarding.

Facebook/instagram was cool. it gave me a place to put my pictures to share with people, and people who spotted me out walking with the packs.

I have now set up a legit business and following that makes me money. I accomplished something so important to me. I proved to myself that I can live off of my dream.

Ive been through a few rough patches in the process though. some days are tough. that goes for everyone im sure. for me its all about maintaining a balanced and calm state, which is sometimes impossible. but other times, everything can be going great, perfect even, nothing wrong, i thought i had everything i ever wanted, but i still wasnt happy. so i thought back to when i was happy last. it seemed to be in the process of chasing my dream. during the hard times… so I needed to make some new goals. start dreaming again, something bigger.

I still strive to be the best trainer, that will always be my big dream, but I need constant goals to work towards, to keep moving. otherwise time starts to disappear.

Im sorry, i seem to have just stopped being able to think. is this writers block? lol

hopefully have something more for you soon.