How To Have The Perfect Dog

Great Dogs Aren’t Born, They Are Created.

“I wish my dog was that good” Is one of the things I hear the most as I am out and about training the pups here at DogWorx.

Everyone wants the perfect dog: one that doesn’t pull on the leash, growl, bark at strangers, is nice to other dogs and people, not stealing food, and just be calm. But the secret to a perfect dog isn’t really a secret.

Having a perfect dog isn’t the result of training a dog for 15 minutes, or taking them for a 10-minute walk or tossing the ball to get rid of their energy. It’s the result of a perfect relationship with them.

Our relationships with our family, our loved ones, our friends, and everyone in between didn’t flourish with casual investment on our parts, it required much more than that.

A successful relationship is the result of time, energy and investment in who we value, but also in ourselves. And just like every other relationship, this is something that requires an ongoing investment. If we know and do this for our families and friends, why do we neglect to do the same for our dogs?

Even if you have a dog with aggression, anxiety, bad habits, or everything in between, they can turn into the perfect dog. But not without OUR help, our time, our effort, and our persistence.

So whenever you are frustrated with your dog or see a better behaved dog, don’t say “I wish my dog will be good”. Instead, say to yourself “I will help my dog be that good”

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