So Your Doggy Friend Has Diabetes, What Do You Feed Them?

As you are aware diabetes not only affects the human race but runs in our doggy friends as well. However, it much harder for our doggy friends to let us know when they are having issues so as the owner you have to be cognizant of the ingredients and food you feed your dog.

This article is not going to give you advice on IF your dog has diabetes (If you have any reasons to suspect we suggest you take them to your local vet office) but is to be used for reference WHEN the dog has already been diagnosed.

Now that the legal jargon is out of the way we want to share with you some of the more common and safe ingredients to use/feed to your doggy friend. This list is not a tell all/be all list but can be used as a starting point. Again if you have any questions please refer to your vet office.

  1. Meat and fish
  2. Eggs
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Chicken Broth
  5. Raw Seeds (i.e. sesame / sunflower seeds)
  6. Whole Grain Flours (white flour can be digested to quickly)
  7. Cornmeal
  8. Peanut Butter (helps your dog to feel full from the fat and serves to keep blood sugar under control)
  9. Pumpkin (helps to increase the level of insulin in your dog’s blood and decreases blood sugar)
  10. Carrots (According to a University of Minnesota study, carrots have been shown to actually prevent diabetes)
  11. Apples or unsweetened applesauce
  12. Flaxseeds
  13. Cinnamon (helps to maintain blood sugar after meals)
  14. Brown rice / brown rice flour

We hope this list will help you determine what you can feed your doggy friend with diabetes and we wish you and your doggy all the best in staying on top of this diagnosis.

Remember, just because they have diabetes, just like with humans, does not mean they can’t do everything else that doggies enjoy doing.

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