I have cancer and something bad happened…
Hello! My name is Malory (also known as dog_lover plays, a YouTuber), and today, I just realized that I have something in me that is pretty common. I have cancer. And something TERRIBLE happened when I was in the hospital. Stay tuned for the most tragic story ever.
This morning I woke up, getting ready to go to the park with my siblings, and for some reason, I wasn’t feeling myself today. I told my siblings, three brothers, that we had to go home because I wasn’t feeling okay. We started walking home. Then, I told my mom and she said, “Let’s go to the doc’s office and see what he has to say about it”.
Me and my mom was on our way to the doctor’s office, when suddenly I started to have stomach craps and I just couldn’t feel my legs. So we walked inside to tell the doctor and asked him what was wrong with me. He told me that he was going to do a check-up and see what happens further on.
The doc checked on me and said that I have to be in the hospital for a couple of months. He told me to step outside the office, so I did. He then told my mother that I might have cancer. And she started to BURST into tears. She told me that we are heading to the hospital now. I asked, “Mom? Are you okay?” “Yes, sweetheart. I’m okay,” my mother said.
We arrived at the hospital and we got called for a check-up in the patient room. I had to wait there for 20 minuets because my blood was being drawn. And suddenly, this happened.
Female doctor: Ma’am? Can I talk to you for a second? My mom: Sure. I’ll be right back, hun. Me: Okay. Female doctor: I am so sorry to say this. But, your daughter has cancer. Mom: Oh god! Do you guys know which one it is? Female doctor: No we do not. We are trying our very best to find out which one it is. Mom: Oh god! Why would they do this to my poor little girl?
“Mom? Is everything okay?” I asked. “No, sweetheart. Everything is not okay,” my mom said. “What’s wrong with me?” *Sighs* “Hun, you have cancer,” my mom said.
“Morning, sweetheart. Are you hungry?” “Morning mom. I am very hungry.” “Okay, sweetheart. What would you like?” “Anything basically. But some bacon, eggs, and cheese sandwich sounds good.” “Okay. I’ll be right back.” Here comes the terrible scene…. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god! Was that my mom screaming, I thought, and other people, too? Then all of a sudden, I hear a machine gun going off and lot’s of people screaming their heads off! All I can hear are people screaming, a man with a machine gun laughing, and footsteps getting closer to the patient rooms. “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” The man kept saying.
I got off my bed, locked the door, turned off the lights, and before I went to hide under the bed, I can see other patients doing the same thing. Then I went to hide under the bed. The man looked inside my room first, because it’s the very first door when you go up/down that hall, and I guess he saw a glance from my watch because he started to break down the door! But luckily for me and everyone else, the cops got him before he got us.
When the other patients and I came out of our rooms, all we saw was thousands of dead bodies. I went over where the dead bodies were, and I started BURSTING out tears. Why? Because I saw my mom. But she wasn’t alive. She was dead. Half of the hospital survived. Others, including my mom, did not.
Just a warning to everyone out there. When you are in a hospital, any kind, make sure you have someone from your family to stay with you all times. This is not a joke. This is serious. So please, make sure to have someone from your family stay with you at all times. And always make sure when there is trouble, like a guy with a machine gun, make sure to lock your door, turn off your lights, and hide under your bed, hide in the closet, hide anywhere so they don’t see you. And don’t wear anything that might get their attention.
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