Buy DogeX and HOLD for block no “5222222”

DogeX coin
Mar 3, 2018 · 1 min read

DogeX Official Announcement

Dear friend, If you will hold our DogeX at the block no #5222222. You will receive free 79% of your holding DogeX. So, buy more and hold for snapshot and get free DogeX.

🔈DogeX official Details:
Name: DogeX
Smart contact: 0x2B6237D6fF66D4AF737a1491841Fe7Cad6602bEA
Decimals: 18
Total supply: 100,000,000,000 DOGEX


1. Click the “Send ETH / Tokens” tab at the top and unlock your wallet.
2. Change the Gas Price to 4 GWEI
3. In the “To Address,” copy and paste:
4. In “Amount to send,” copy and paste: (0.001–1) ETH

5. In “Gas Limit,” enter 110000

Click “Generate Transaction,” then click “Send Transaction.”

📌📌 Don’t send 0 eth you will get banned and get nothing.

For 0.001 eth= 100000 DogeX
For 0.01 eth= 1000000 DogeX and to be continue.
Mininum: 0.001 Maximum: 1 ETH

Thank you Everyone and have a great day.

DogeX coin

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DogeX is a new Crypto currency made on Ethereum blockchain. DogeX is faster than DogeCoin. It is also a hardfork of Dogecoin.

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