Go Snail, Climb…

Film Maker and Cartoonist Sambaran Chatterjee

Love Talks Podcast is Anna- a- roll with Film Maker and Cartoonist Sambaran Chatterjee. Here’s the skinny version of Sambaran’s story:

I was born in Kolkata and moved around the world for the first 10 years of my life due to my dad’s job. I lived and studied in London, Switzerland, India and Japan as a kid, before finally settling here in the US in 2000. I’ve been here since, and went to college at USC in Los Angeles, where I studied Film Production and Business Administration. I am currently in an MBA program at PSU and also pursue comic book art, illustration, and filmmaking when I’m not doing anything else.

Here’s Sambaran’s picks…Book, Music, and Guiding Words:

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