What’s clear to me…

Its been a long time since I wrote in this blog, its okay, now is as good of a time to begin again as any. Here I am!

In the last 4 years I have had the privilage of owning my time and working for no one but me. During these years I started a company It’s Only Love with the intention to inspire people to love themselves and to raise money to help single mothers access education scholarships. I’ve been raising my daughter as a single mother, was in a very serious bike accident I am lucky to be alive after. And moved literally 10 times with a twist of fate story with each move. Feeling ungrounded doesn’t describe it at all. It’s more like free falling from endless height through the sky. I am made stronger for it all. There is nothing I cannot make it through, nothing. And here is why…

Moment to moment I choose to find the good and release the rest. I see my struggles as lessons that can only build my strength and courage, and they do. Learning how to quiet my mind so I can hear my heart and feel my gut and decide what’s next, is an exercise that has become automatic. I do believe that thoughts become things. There is a Law of Attraction at work constantly. Tending your mind like a garden in spring or like a mother does her newborn baby is best gift you can give yourself.

Recently, I decided to put my comany It’s Only Love to bed and begin a new adventure. Deciding this took me about a year, I didn’t want to quite because it was hard to run a business, I wanted to know I was ending it because it’s what I needed to do for me. Finally after meeting a wonderful man who became my partner for a period of time, I rememebered what feeling lite was like, instead of heavy and consumed with decisions about business. He helped me see there was a another way and I could find it. Slowly, I began to take my business down. And the ideas of what I really want to do with my life began to stir and shift. Thousands of people have told me how inspired they are when I speak. That is truly amazing, I set out to inspire and achieved it. What became clear, is that I don’t want to sell apparel to inspire people, I want to share stories.

My purpose has become clear to me and now I begin this new journey in podcasting stories of what people around the world do to create love in their lives. I have begun applying for jobs as an account executive since I have so many skills in communication thanks to my company(actually I had another company before It’s Only Love, so companies…). I’m working to fund my creative projects Love Talks Podcast and Flashmob Mama and of course provide a great life for my daughter and me. Everything is falling into place and I just need to keep taking one step forward at a time. The learning never ends and I’m glad for that.

It’s clear to me that the greatest strength I have is choosing to love my life, count my blessings, and apply my challenges as lessons learned to give compassion for others and for myself. No one and nothing can take my joy away. I’m far from perfect, and so is everyone else. The courage to love instead of fear leads to a life of beauty filled deep connections. Everything I need comes to me in perfect timing.

Now to go get that podcast website up. I intend to write sooner than later…Ciao! I hope Medium readers and writers will connect with my podcast and dance in some flashmobs!

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