DogRacing the ultimate cryptocurrency betting platform

DogRacing team is proud to announce the upcoming cryptocurrency betting platform.

Project is focused on merging high potential of growing online betting industry with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency boost. Modern platform will enable players to join a race of cryptocurrency price change during selected period of time and place a bet on the coin of choice. Betting process is based on Ethereum Smart Contract to achieve the maximum transparency and safety.

Main goal of DogRacing project is to bring cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors and specialists into a platform where everyone can bet on their favourite coin and enjoy the game. Our vision is to become the largest and the most popular crypto currency price betting platform.

We have put an extreme amount of effort and resources while developing this project to finally announce that DogRacing is ready to welcome new members into cryptocurrency betting community by launching ICO on 2018.04.20. Limited amount of DGR tokens will be offered to whitelist members and public.

DogRacing team strives to launch betting DApp on the main net before 2018.04.20 to be the first fully working cryptocurrency price betting platform in the market.

Following cryptocurrency market will never be the same once you place a bet on your favourite coin and see it win the race.

You are welcome to visit our website for more information: