Tips on Selecting the Best Dog Foods

Finding the proper diet for your K9 companion is extremely important; 
If you don’t know what to look for, then your dog may not be getting the proper nutrition he or she deserves. But listen… and don’t fret, any helpful tip that I can provide followed by a little research on your end can make a huge difference in your doggy’s diet.

First off, when shopping for your pets food always start at the top of the list of ingredients. Companies are required by law to list all of the ingredients they add. When they do so, they list the most abundant ones first. So basically, the first five items on every list pretty much tell the story on whether you should purchase or not. Since these are the main ingredients, you will want to start with high quality digestible meat-based proteins.

Naturally, it is best to avoid companies that don’t include much, or if any, real meat. Even if a brand is labeled “Beef Dog Food,” or “Chicken Formula,” it may only contain up to 3% of the actual meat listed. For instance if your product reads “with [ingredient],” then you should instantly pick up on the fact that following words such as byproduct or flavoring aren’t best to go by when making your decision. Byproducts are usually leftovers that don’t make it towards human consumption, which may contain many less than desirable elements. Often Full names work best, such as Lamb, Chicken, or Beef as they are specific and to the point. Next, When brands list products which contain fat it is also important to make sure that they are listed after the actual meat, and not before. While fats aren’t necessarily harmful it is best that they make up only a small amount of your pet’s nutrition. 
Another factor to consider is how much moisture is within the meat selected for the product. When companies list their ingredients often the meat will only weigh a fourth of its actual weight after dehydration. However, if your product lists brown rice for instance as being first, while chicken or lamb are second; since the brown rice is already dehydrated the lamb and chicken will still account for a considerable serving per meal. In addition, it is also important not to let the word “meal” turn you off. Just remember that products which contain “whole carcasses” in their meal, as opposed to “meat and bone” are usually always going to be of a higher nutritional value.

In all these are just a few of the things to consider when looking into your dog’s diet. Definitely do some research on your own, and contact your vet to find out what’s best for you beloved animal.

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