All set to bring a dog home? Here are some tips for you!

Finally, you have fallen for the canine charm! Bringing home a dog is a big decision, one that is going to change your life. Of course, it is going to make you very happy considering all the attention you are going to get. At the same time, it is not wrong to say that with a dog to take care of, you will have to relook at many things including your schedule and vacations! If you stay alone then you are going to need all the luck on planet earth to give proper training to your poodle. The reason being that training takes a lot of time, patience and dedication. You can’t train your dog once in a week and expect great results. The training has to be regular and the cues you use have to be consistent before your dog can be called fully trained. Now that we have made you familiar with the challenges that you might have to face once you add a canine member to your family, may be now is the time to plan your future life as a dog owner. We would suggest you opt for residential dog training in Derbyshire or wherever in the UK you are. It is going to take away stress from your life and your pet will get the best training in town. If you still feel you want to train your dog at home before you bring in experts, here we are with some tips for you. Happy training!

Choose the name carefully

What’s in a name, you ask? Well, in case of dog training, it plays a very important role. Remember, a dog’s name is what you are going to repeat, day after day. It can’t be complicated. Choose a name that is neither too long nor too difficult to pronounce. Also, bear in mind that the name should finish in a way that can catch your dog’s attention. In case you are bringing home an old dog, you might have to work harder to get it to respond to its new name. It can be challenging but you will get there with right techniques and patience!

What is allowed and not allowed

It is very important that you decide before hand whether you are going to let your poodle sit on a chair, on your bed or not. If there are going to be such rules, you need to decide how you are going to teach your poodle to observe the set boundaries. Whatever you do, just make sure that you don’t confuse your poodle by changing your mind every day. So, if it is not to sit on the couch, then there can’t be exceptions. The couch is going to be off limits, always.

Of course, if all this seems like too much work then you can always enrol your pet for residential dog training in Staffordshire and leave it to the experts. It will save you from a lot of inconvenience and you will get a pet that is trained to win your heart!

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