Is your dog acting aggressive? Here is what you can do!

Aggression is never subtle. So, it won’t be difficult to tell when your dog is losing its temper and behaving aggressively. Most owners report that the first time they noticed their dog’s aggressive behaviour was during walks. All was fine till strangers came into sight and thus started the aggressive barking and jumping. Many owners look back at it with horror. To add to this unpleasant situation is the embarrassment that one has to face. Aggression is a nightmare, for the owner as well as a dog. Once the news of aggression spreads, people start getting scared with the very mention of your dog and no dog owner wants his pet dog hated, right? Well, if you are one of those who are facing this challenging problem then allows us to reassure you that it can be made right. Yes, as a company that has been offering dog training services in Southport for a long time now, we are sure that with patience and right technique, aggression can be dealt with. Here are certain points that you need to keep in mind:

Never leave your aggressive dog along with your kids

This is the first thing that you need to do after you are certain that your dog is showing aggressive behaviour. Ensure that you never leave your pet with kids alone. Make sure that there is a commanding adult around at all times. This is to avert unpleasant happenings at all costs. Most dog owners feel that their pet dog can never harm their kids. Probably they are right but given the behavioural problems it is having, it might get hyper and that might cause harm to anyone who is present there. Also, another important thing is to warn your kids. Make sure that they know about the situation that you are dealing with and that they need to be careful.

Don’t expose it to new people till you consult a behaviourist

Many people assume that behavioural issues become better with time. Probably some of the less severe ones do. But aggression is something that you can’t take lightly. You need to maintain a safe distance between your dog and other dogs once your pet has shown aggression in their presence. There is no point taking it out to a public place and creating a scene. As a team of professional dog behaviourists in Manchester and other locations in the UK, we suggest that you keep your dog away from people and other dogs till you have consulted a dog expert.

Don’t scold your dog. Be patient.

Scolding and reprimanding works but here, your dog is already dealing with aggression. So, make sure that you are patient and loving. Till you make up your mind about the next step that needs to be taken, stay calm so that your dog does, too. We suggest that you approach dog behaviourists as soon as possible and leave it to them. There is nothing that an experienced dog behaviourist can’t fix!

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