Which attacker guns in Siege are the best

There are a few things I want from a gun in the game. Ideally, it should have:

  • low recoil
  • good sights
  • high rate of fire
  • high damage output
  • a big magazine
  • an angled grip

Intuitively, the only gun that has all these things is Jackal’s C7E, so I’d consider it the best gun in the game.

Now, how about we give each gun some points for these features, put them in a spreadsheet and see how they SCOAR. I’ve listed attackers’ automatic guns, mostly assault rifles, plus a few LMGs and SMGs.

There have been a few iterations of this ranking. This article describes the current version.


A gun should be controllable when spraying. This means it doesn’t go up too much and doesn’t move side-to-side too much. Initially, I rated guns by giving them points. To make it more objective, I measured the recoil shown in game. I hope it’s pictured correctly, which, knowing Ubisoft, is less certain that you might expect. This is not a perfect measure anyway, because it shows only four bullets, but it’s the best we can get.

For most guns the representations feel right, but there are exceptions. For example, if you look at SMG-11, the image would suggest that the vertical recoil is pretty average and the horizontal recoil is non-existent. This is obviously a wrong impression, maybe due to the extremely high fire rate of the gun.

Also, according to patch notes, there are two modes of recoil: short-burst and long-burst. The second mode activates when you fire a number of bullets in a spray (different number for different guns, as far as I understand) and is more erratic. Anyway…

Recoil patterns for L85A2, AK-74M, and R4-C

I looked at the fourth bullet and measured how high (y) and how far to the side (x) it reaches, in pixels. For example, the central picture above shows the recoil for Nomad’s AK-74M and I measured it as 135 pixels y and 42 pixels x.

The bullet clouds have diffuse edges, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell where they end. I tried to be consistent. For some guns, like R4-C, you can’t even see the fourth bullet, so I approximated.

The guns had a vertical grip and a flash hider equipped where possible for consistency. Flash hider reduces vertical recoil when spraying and is generally a good pick if you don’t know what to equip, although on some guns, specifically those with high horizontal recoil, a compensator is a better choice.

Guns get a score for vertical and horizontal recoil separately. In short, the smallest recoil gets one point, the bigger gets zero points, although R4-C is so bad that it gets negative points for both.

I consider side-to-side movement more difficult to control than vertical recoil, so horizontal gets a weight of 0.6 and vertical gets 0.4. This means in total a gun can get about one point total for recoil. There’s a separate column showing that score.


Sights are a matter of preference. I would consider 1.5x, 2.0x, and 2.5x sights good, and give one point to guns which have them available. Guns with only 1x sights get zero points.

Rate of fire

High rate of fire contributes to the damage output, but is also a value in itself. It’s easier to hit headshots and moving targets with a fast-firing gun.

Typical RoF values range from 650 to 850. A value of 650 is a baseline and gets zero points. A value of 850 gets one point.

Rates of fire above 850 get extra points, for example Ash’ R4C with a RoF of 860 scores 1.05, and Twitch’s F2 with 980 scores 1.65.

There’s one gun with rate of fire lower than 650 — it’s Blackbeard’s MK17 CQB. It scores -0.33 for 585.

Since rate of fire is very important, these scores get multiplied by two, in effect ranging from -0.66 to 2.3 points.


Damage output is a combination of damage per bullet and fire rate. If you multiply these two numbers, and divide them by 60, you get damage per second (DPS).

Typical DPS for assault rifles is in 500’s. There are three guns with DPS notably higher than the rest:

  • AK-12: 638 DPS
  • F2: 604 DPS
  • Zero’s SC3000K: 600 DPS

There are also a few guns in high 400’s, including SMGs. And of course Blackbeard’s rifle has 390 DPS due to its low fire rate.

Scoring is one point for 600 DPS, zero points for a baseline of 477 (Nomad’s AK-74M). Accordingly, AK-12 gets 1.3 points, and MK17 CQB gets -0.71.

Again, since damage output is important, these get multiplied by two, in effect ranging from -1.42 to 2.6 points.


The most common magazine sizes are 20, 25, and 30 bullets. It takes about 20 bullets to break a barricade. For me, 20 bullets mag is uncomfortable. 25 or 30 feels much better.

Scoring is zero points for 20 bullets, 0.5 points for 25, and one point for 30. Over that, each bullet gets 0.01 points, so Zofia’s LMG with a mag of 150 gets 2.2 points.

Angled grip

To shoot accurately, you need to aim down sights (ADS), or zoom in. An angled grip reduces ADS time by 32%. For example, assault rifles take 400 milliseconds to zoom in normally, and 272ms with an angled grip. That’s 128ms advantage.

Let’s consider some timings. Assault rifles typically fire every 70–90ms. In the time it tooks to zoom in, that’s at least four or five bullets. This means that when it comes to a fight, you’d best be zoomed in. If that’s not possible, an angled grip helps. You can also start shooting when not fully zoomed yet.

There’s one point for angled grip if available.


Light machine guns get 0.1 point penalty because the ADS time is 450ms instead of 400ms for rifles.


Submachine guns have faster ADS times (300/204ms), but are worse for shooting long range — damage falls off faster. One is an advantage, and the other disadvantage, so no point penalties for SMGs.

The ranking

In the current version the best gun scores about eight points, and the worst one (MK17 CQB) about zero. Oh, what price did you pay for the shield, Blackbeard…

  1. AK-12. It has everything except controllability. Exceptional rate of fire and damage output.
  2. F2. Insane rate of fire, but a bit challenging to control at distance due to high vertical recoil.
  3. Zero’s SC3000K. A well rounded gun that could use a little more controllability.
  4. Amaru’s G8A1. May be a bit erratic, but it has a fire rate and a magazine to compensate for that.
  5. C7E. A gun you will never play because Jackal’s always banned.
  6. Maverick’s M4. Another very well rounded rifle. With a vertical grip, it’s a delight to play.
  7. C8-SFW. Buck’s gun is a bit similar to F2 in that it has high fire rate, high vertical recoil, and 1.5x sights.
  8. IQ’s G8A1 scores one point less than Amaru’s because there are only 1x sights available.
  9. Type-89. Hibana’s gun suffers from a very bad recoil and a small magazine, otherwise it’s fantastic.
  10. Zero’s MP7. Low damage but very high fire rate.

Overall, I think that the ranking is pretty accurate, although with some surprises. For example, I would choose ARX200 over M762 any day, and yet M762 is in the middle of the ranking, and ARX200 is near the bottom.

Angled grip points contribute to this paradox. Guns without it tend to be in the lower half (the main exceptions are F2 and C8). However, if you set the angled grip weight to zero, upper half is still mostly green, and the lower half mostly red, so it’s not about the scoring.

Be sure to check out Kali’s SMG, SPSMG9. You won’t believe your eyes!

Pro play vs (un)ranked

In competitive, team-based play, you see operators like Iana, Finka, Zofia, and Sledge all the time. Their guns are in the bottom of the ranking. This is because competitive players select operators for abilities and utility, not guns. For example, Iana and Finka both have good abilities plus grenades and the Gnome-6, for a total of three remote booms each. Sledge has nades and a hammer. Ash may have a better gun than Zofia, but nobody will play Ash when Zofia has exactly the same utility plus two additional stuns.

The other side of the coin is that Ubisoft balances the operators so that those with good abilities get worse guns, and vice versa. The main example of “good gun, bad ability ” is Amaru.

Hard-breachers, which all have at least a decent gun, are an exception to the rule. They have good guns because otherwise few people would play them in ranked, and the game would devolve even more into run-and-gun style.

Pro ranking

As I mentioned in the angled grip section, you need to be zoomed-in to win gunfights. Good players can stay zoomed-in more and therefore don’t need an angled grip so much. To account for it, I added another score column which doesn’t count angled grip points. There’s also -1 point penalty for SMGs, because ADS time is no longer much of an advantage.

Results are similar to the main ranking, although there are changes. Zero’s MP7 is out of top ten, and instead we have Zofia’s LMG-E. There are more LMGs near the top: Finka/Fuze’s 6P41 places 11th. This means that it’s better than the SPEAR, and indeed, you can often see the LMG on Finka in competitive matches. Capitao’s M249 is 13th. If you don’t care about angled grip, this is the gun to play for Capitao.

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet again:

To sort, you can click a column and select Data -> Sort sheet from menu, or click on the triangle in a column header and choose Sort sheet.

Above each column that goes into THE SCOAR there’s a weight. If you make a copy of the spreadsheet, you can edit the weights to your liking.

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