Gull Dong Dog Breed — The Loyal and Protector

Gull Dong dogs are an obscure and rare dog breed in most of the world and yet they are quite popular in Pakistan their country of origin as well as in northern India. The Gull Dong is usually confused with other Pakistani breeds of dog owing to the fact that some of them have similar names. This confusion is particularly common in Western countries exacerbating the issue. The Gull Dong breed itself as more than one name by which it is known such as the bull, Eagle, Terrier, Pakistani bulldog and less commonly the Gull Dong. The Gull Dong is an intelligent, loyal and athletic dog breed that is both dominant and aggressive. This dog makes relationship deeply and quickly with his owners and families becoming protective of them.

Even though they will become dedicated to all family members, these breeds are extremely aggressive and powerful to be allowed to play with kids. No dog of any breed ought to remain alone with young kids unsupervised, but in the Gull dong’s case that rule of thumb should expand to older kids as well. They make great guard and watch dog breeds because of their alertness and drive to defend their perceived territory as well as their human family. They are wary of strangers and will not hesitate to defend you but this also means they can be dangerous dog breedsto those who are strangers. For this reason, this breed must be properly trained and socialized with people from puppy dawn and should be under your control at all times this means never taking them out off leash.

Gull dogs are serious and rugged working dog breeds who appreciate having tasks to do. This great energy dog breed needs a lot of vigorous exercise every day like every dog. They need a daily pack but Gull dongs need a more intense session a long brisk walk, a jog or a run beside you while you bike. When taking your goal down for his or her pack walk or run, you should always take the lead starting with your dog crossing the threshold after you and any other family members. Your dog should hill beside or behind you at all times on the pack walk. Gull dongs are considered to be the difficult to train and are not for the average dog owner. This dog breed needs someone greatly skilled in socializing and training.

Extremely dominant and aggressive dog’s socializing and training must start early and be reinforced constantly during their whole life. Establish, clear limits and rules for daily living to which you consistently adhere and reinforce your training goal is to establish yourself as the pack leader with your dog at all times. In fact your Gull dong must know that every member of the family supersede him or her in the pecking order. This dog breed is a dog aggressive and extremely difficult to tackle. Their hunting instinct is strong because they are bred to face off with bears.

These characteristics can lead them to attack and kill livestock or pets. Gull dong breed thrives for a lot of space and challenging work which make them phenomenal farm dogs. However, they are compliant and as long as they are provided enough exercise, they might do nice in smaller quarters, like a house with a securely fenced yard urban and apartment dwelling is not proper for this dog breed.



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