Doha GOALS Forum Student Ambassador Nick Humphries at FC Volendam (Netherlands)

Doha GOALS Forum:

Doha GOALS Forum
Nov 1, 2014 · 3 min read

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

This summer I got an email from my teacher about the chance to attend a forum in the Middle East. I thought why not, it could be fun, I’m passionate about sports and I could have a few days in the sun instead of remaining in Amsterdam’s rainy November miseries. To be honest with you, the name Doha GOALS didn’t really ring a bell, in fact; I wasn’t even sure where Doha was. It was over the coming months where my view regarding of Doha GOALS as “just another forum” dramatically changed.

After getting the green light to be an official participant, the anticipation built. One big name after the other was announced and after learning more about who was attending and their purpose, it was in fact a platform much bigger than one I previously imagined. The Doha GOALS Forum is where global leaders in sport from all corners of the world will gather. Where else could you find boxing legend George Foreman and the Emir of Qatar in one room? With all that opportunity at hand I came to the conclusion that Doha GOALS is going to rock.

As a passionate football player who’s played at a high level, there’s one skill you need to in order to succeed, and that’s the ability to have a clear vision of where you want to be.

But to achieve that vision you need the support of those around you, and a team of people to help you win. There’s also one ability that the Olympic gold medalists, business executives and students from the world’s leading universities in attendance will have in common: we know how to win. If every one of us combine the same drive and dedication we have towards winning, and transfer that energy to the issues and initiatives discussed in this years forum as a collaborative effort, we as a team can make a massive difference to current global issues.

That’s what the Doha GOALS Forum is about. We’re coming there as individual players and through this forum we will work as a team to initiate change. Everyone attending has the ability and the motivation to travel far and wide to be the catalyst of change. We’re the influencers, we can make things happen and this is where it starts to happen. We will gather to lead innovation and it’s up to us to ignite the spark and leave a burning flame to last generations.

Passionate about challenging the status quo, Nick Humphries is the founder of Effective Soccer & Doha Goals participant from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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