The Apparent Non-stop Growth of Mobile in Travel Bookings

Chances are that in the last year you looked for flights, hotels or a rental car on your mobile device.

The Current State of Affairs

Today, about 40% of Dohop’s traffic is from mobile devices. 32% is from smartphones and 6.5% is from tablets. Almost all the growth in mobile devices between years is from smartphones. (Data is from Sept 1st to Sept 30th of thise year)

The Difference a Year Makes

The change is happening fast. This time last year mobile traffic accounted for 17% of our traffic. The desktop is losing ground rapidly to the smartphone, but the tablet is barely holding its own.

The image below shows this clearly.

Countries With Most Mobile Visits

When we look at the countries with the highest percentage of mobile visits we see some surprising numbers, or more specifically, a surprising variation. Of visitors from The United States, 35% visit Dohop on mobile. This is a rather average value and is indicative of most Dohop visitors.

But when we look at other nations there is a lot of variance. The country with the highest percentage of mobile visits (of countries with more than 15,000 monthly visits to Dohop) is Kuwait, with a whopping 79% of visitors coming via mobile devices.

The lowest, somewhat surprisingly, is Germany, with only 19% of visitors using their mobile device.

When it Comes To The Booking, Mobile is Winning as Well

We count a conversion when a visitor to Dohop completes a flight search and clicks out to one of the many airlines and online travel agents in our system.

Of all visitors to Dohop, including ones who use our flights search through our affiliate program, about 7.74% convert. When looking just at mobile visitors, this number is 8.25%.

The Takeaway

It is clear. Travel is increasingly moving to smartphones, and after some initial hesitation, people are now booking on their phones as well. Same-day hotel bookings, so far, appear to be the biggest winner in the mobile age.

If your site is not responsive and/or you don’t have an app 2016 is not going to be a good year for you.