The Birth of Predatory Capitalism
umair haque

Great article. But I still reeling from my understanding of predatory capitalism centuries ago created by Eurocentric monarchs and risk takers. The combination of effort from these two groups used Imperialism to continuously ramp up exploiting people for profit through the methods best described as genocide, human trafficking and slavery and the theft of natural resources from developing countries.

I’m still overwhelmed by the 20th Century’s record of persistent downward pressure on workers until they organized. Organized workers fought hard for equity, but only had a brief climb toward equalizing power. Then law schools’ greed for profits too produced and continues to produce an over abundance of lawyers without legitimate work. The investor class and corporations took advantage of this to transform the practice of law and governance to suit only their interests. And those interest redefined the rule of law as the rule of Oligarchs; and Labor organizing as detrimental to their predatory economic agenda.

For me, the financial games are the result of the decline in the rule of law public education; and an increase in the super riches’ attitudes and behaviors that have increased the downward pressure to end democracies and re-enslave not only POC but White workers who have too long they had the privilege of immunity.

Objectively understanding and articulating complex economic schemes serves those still feeling somewhat immune to the impact is ok. But subjectively (placing yourself in the river rather than up stream) give you a very different real time point of view based on experiencing the real impact of unsustainable perverse economies where we ordinary hard working fish are being preyed upon by sharks.