5 Reasons to Go Greek

When I first stepped foot on the University of Florida campus, I had no idea what Greek life was about. During my freshman fall semester, I made the mistake of not rushing a fraternity. To be honest, I listened to the false notions that fraternities were only for privileged white men who like to party. However, after my fall semester, I was still curious. My friends who joined a fraternity urged me to give spring rush a shot. After talking to numerous members of the Greek community at UF, I learned that it was far more than just a party scene.

The mainstream media likes to report on anything negative that comes out of the Greek community. Sadly, these same news outlets fail to report on the overwhelming majority of positive contributions that Greek students make on their campuses and communities. All across America, Greeks are leaders in academics, campus involvement, philanthropy and much more. I believe this success can be attributed to the strong bonds that these types of students make with their brothers and sisters. I’ve developed a support network with my brothers that has completely changed my college career for the better.

I want to bring light to the positive aspects of Greek life. Luckily, through my #UFSMM class, I’ve learned how to create infographics using Canva. Check out these 6 reasons why college students should go Greek!