Maximizing #SM Influence with #MediaChat & @melanyb12

It’s amazing how complex and useful social media is in today’s digital environment. If you’re operating a business or are trying to promote yourself, then social media influence is absolutely vital to your success.

On February 16th at 10 p.m., I participated in my first Twitter chat, #mediachat. I represented my Social Media Management class with the hashtag #UFSMM. I was not only surprised, but also flattered when Melany Berger, who was the social media influencer starring in our discussion, sent me this hilarious tweet to welcome me to the chat.

The amount of engagement during this twitter chat was incredible. There were 2,453 tweets from 263 contributors that had a potential reach of 2,681,245. During the chat, I gained 21 followers and had 1,600 impressions.

Berger (@melanyb12) answered 10 questions from #mediachat host Aaron Kilby (@kilby76). Kilby asked her about her experience with blogging, brands and social media influence.

1.How did you get started with your blog and did you know that you would be able to turn it into a profession?

· First, it was her outlet. She then discovered she could turn blogging into her profession

· She’s not one-dimensional and her posts show her passion and knowledge about brands

· She urges people to reach out to brands. The worst they can say is “no”

2.How do you find brands to work with? Do they find you?

· Both

· Organically first, then provide engagements on those posts in your pitch

· Post content about that brand that resonates with followers before pitching

3.What makes you stand out amongst other influencers/bloggers when brands are looking to hire?

· Write, personal, honest and “snarky” posts with engaging images

· Interact and share on all channels

· Cater to your brand

· Show unique personality in posts. Don’t automate them

4.Do you have a form letter or media kit? What should be included to attract the right brands?

· She has a media kit

· It’s a task keeping the media kit updated

· Media kits reflects personality — show off what makes you unique

5.Why do brands hire social media influencers versus celebrities?

· Because of trusted and personal relationships influencers have with their followers

· Brands hire celebrities for ads and influencers for honest opinions and building relationships with potential customers

· Picking the right influencer is key and less expensive for brands

6.What is your favorite type of campaign to work on?

· She has success with giveaways

· Giveaways are a win/win for brands and influencers if cross promotion is done right

7.What should brands do to amplify successful partnerships with bloggers/social media influencers?

· Brands hire to promote so they must cross-promote with their influencers

· Brands are to influencers as influencers are to their followers — they need to be constantly interacting

8. Are sweepstakes a good way to partner with brands? Are there rules?

· Brands love sweepstakes

· You must follow legal rules when running a giveaway with a brand to protect both parties

9. How do you monetize? I see you monetize your dog @sirteddybrewski? Tell me more about that.

· Babies and dogs are “marketing 101”

· Brands pay a lot of money for dogs with a passionate dog lover following

10. How do you measure the success of campaign with a brand?

· A successful campaign is one that people interact with via comments, likes and shares

· It’s successful when a brand comes back for another campaign

· When other influencers write about your success as a influencer

For the full responses, visit Melany’s website —

Overall, I learned that in order to be a successful social media influencer it takes being persistent and interactive with your followers. Followers and brands want to see your passion. They want to see your true personality through your content. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and take chances. When it comes down to it, being a social media influencer takes diligent work.