Words to the World

Attempt to impact.

We are all on journey, we are all living one life that we hope our journey takes us to a place where happiness lies. You can never change decisions you have made, but only look to the future to make more decisions. Everything we do daily impacts our future. Where is your journey taking you. Do you know?

I seek to impact others from my experiences, and lessons I have learned along the way. I feel that it is not life’s experiences alone that have provided my lessons in life, but rather my reflection of those experiences that provide the on-going valuable lessons. My intent is that someone (hopefully many) out there will read my thoughts and it will have a positive impact on their life. Be it through changing the way people think, creating motivation, supporting an idea they have stored deep down, or any other possible way.

So my first attempt is to challenge everyone that reads this to take 5 mins at the end of everyday for a week, and reflect on that day. Ask yourselves the following 5 questions.

  • Did today go like I hoped?
  • What were the positive outcomes from my decisions today?
  • What were the negatives outcomes ?
  • Did I have a positive impact on someone else today?
  • What did I learn today that will be used in the future?

I am curious to know how this impacts you… please let me know.