Why ISPs should care and why we care.

USP (TR-369) white paper — QED, a true metric for internet Quality of Experience — Wi-Fi “Fast Track” for online gaming — Domos Forum.

Gaming, USP & Knowledge

Guaranteeing a perfect gaming experience by optimising individual application outcomes

Credit: REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Wi-Fi Alliance announce EasyMesh — Turning every Wi-Fi router into a Mesh node.

Credit: https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi/wi-fi-easymesh

What is Wi-Fi EasyMesh?

Why is the Quality of Experience for home Wi-Fi so low?
Can it be improved?

Artificial Intelligence increases Wi-Fi throughput by 100% in typical urban apartment complex

How do you solve Wi-Fi for an area where everyone conflict and disrupt each other?


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