Fastest To Respond Gets The Booking!

If you use AirBnb you would know that AirBnb has minimum level of service expectations of hosts. These expectations are in place to keep the bad hosts away! Keeping guests happy.
In fact if you don't respond to requests by guests on airbnb quick enough you could face being de-listed and loosing your AirBnb account. On top of this attentive hosts are often well rewarded. According to AirBnb how quickly a host responds to requests is the most crucial factor that determines where your property is placed on search results. If your like 'Small Town Host' you'll want your properties to be on the top!

Often when guests plan their trip on AirBnb and other short term rental booking platforms, they'll send requests and questions to multiple hosts and their properties. Often the first one to respond is the one who the guests book with. Be the first one to start the relationship and build trust to get more bookings!

One of the services we offer at 'Small Town Host' is 24/7 reception to all guest inquiries who are both currently staying at your properties and guests who are inquiring before they book on 22 different short term rental booking platforms.

Please remember, 'Small Town Host' exists to take the stress out of short term renting. Feel free to contact us for advice and find out what services we offer!