My Opinion on Talent Vs Effort

Lately I have been hearing a lot about how to be at the top in business you need talent, and that only effort can get you so far…

I call bullshit. I mean, I’m no expert. I sit here right now writing this blog post in a house I don’t own, a chair I don’t own, and on the only computer I own. But seriously, this is my opinion.

To me talent is nothing more than a skill that has the possibility to serve someone. There is so much over exaggeration on the value of talent. Yet we here more often than not “what a waste of talent”. Talent is nothing without effort, but effort has value even if the person is not skilled, they can trained.

Even those that we call talented, if we look into their past, they struggled just the same as everyone else. In fact maybe talent is a myth, an excuse that someone made up because they didn’t put in the effort to finish what they started. I think some of us are so quick to label someone, based on who they are, when we haven’t considered how they become.

I have written a small story below to try explain my theory.

The 4 Minute Mile:

On may 6th, 1954, a man by the name of Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier. He ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds. Before this date, expert after expert said that it was not humanly possible, that no one could achieve such a thing. What did those experts say when he did it? “He’s talented”. While I’m sure Roger Bannister appreciated being called talented I’m sure he would have hoped more realized the hard work and determination he put in prior to breaking this barrier. When asked how he did it he explained that every day without fail he visualized it happening. Less than a year later another person did it… The year after that 4 people. Since then, well over 20'000 people have accomplished this same goal, including high school students. Sometimes we give up 1 second to early. I wouldn’t call that talent, I would call that vision, passion & effort.

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