What Haters Get Wrong About iPhone X

I don’t think the argument is just who did it first, but how features are viewed as a measuring stick pre and post the iPhone implementation.

If you look at water and dust proofing as an example. A few years ago Samsung and a few others released an IP rated phone, but it was considered as a ‘nice to have’ as suppose to an advantage over everything else. But once Apple had released their iPhone with water and dust proofing suddenly in pro’s and con’s list of all phone review’s were either:

  1. Pro: Like the iPhone, this phone is water and dust resistant
  2. Con: No water or dust resistance

The reason I specifically chose this is that there is no argument of implementation over first past the line, because an IP rating is an IP rating.

We are now seeing the same thing happen with wireless charging. Look how an iPhone was never criticised (maybe apart from Lew on Unbox Therapy) for not having wireless charging, but post iPhone 8/X the Pixel now is.

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