The missing piece to React Native

Easily build complex mobile apps using React Native

React Screens are simple to use React Native screens. Built with strictly react native components. The website will feature a list of react native screen components that you are able to easily install and use in your next react native app.

You’ll be able to find the component you are looking for to drop into your application by simply searching for it on the website.
Then when you have found the component you need. You will simply be able to scan the QR code with the Exponent phone application to instantaneously view the component on your phone before using it.
You’ll be able to instantaneously import the exact UI elements you need for your application.

React Screens will be releasing a minimum of 2 new react native components a month.

Our first set of screens are coming soon! This bundle includes 4 screens for instant use in any React Native project click here if on your phone to see a demo of our first two screens.

This big bundle can also be found at:


Our mission is to create high quality screens for any project. Along with this, we want to spend time educating the community to build better component api’s that are not limited as many are. This involves blogging once a month on how to create the screens we build. Our first post on our card swiper will come out later this month. This is public proof of our code quality along with helping more people create better screens. By purchasing our screens you are funding us to write guides on building top notch components and designs.

Each screen has zero dependencies other than react-native. Some, however, will want you to include react-native-vector-icons. You may always include the non-icon version if you wish.

Who are we?

We are Dominic Gozza and Zach Silveira. You can find us on Twitter @zachcodes and @dom_gozza. We have been using React Native since its inception and love the ecosystem. Along with our React Native expertise, we have brought in a few designers to help us create the most beautiful UI’s possible. With that being said, none of us are experts. Nobody truly is. It is our hope that by writing tutorials and sharing as much as we can, the ecosystem and our components will improve together over time.

I feel like the best part about creating this new product is that it will drive me to create more content and better content ultimately making me a better developer all around. While being able to assist and contribute to the ever growing React Native developers.

Feel free to drop us a comment below for future screens that you would like to see!

Give us a follow for more updates on twitter!!

Zach Silveira (@zachcodes)

Dominic Gozza (@dom_gozza)

React Screens (@reactscreens)

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