Let’s just be frank: Winning that jackpot would change everything, and you know it.

“Please God, let me win this jackpot so I can prove to you money won’t change me.” 
The sentiment is flying around social media like crazy. And it’s a nice one. That the traits that make you who you are wouldn’t be impacted by a sudden windfall of a vast amount of cash.
But let’s be honest with ourselves.
If we didn’t have to worry about a mortgage,
if we could afford a nanny,
if we could afford a housekeeper,
if we could afford that nicer, more reliable car,
if we didn’t have to pinch pennies and save, save, save for all the extra things we want to do,
if we didn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck,
if we had nest-eggs for our retirement,
if we had hefty savings accounts set aside for all of our children,
if we had the financial resources to know our parents would be well taken care of after retirement,
if we could quit those jobs that stress us out but we can’t afford to leave,
if we could spend more time with our children,
if we could pursue the hobbies that we love,
if we could enrich our souls by traveling the world,
if we could build our community by providing much needed donations and volunteer hours,
wouldn’t that change us?
You don’t play to stay the same.
You play in the hopes that you will win.
And winning would change everything.