A little about me.

God you pathetic little whining bitches make me nauseous. So needy, sniveling, complaining. You're the absolute worst kind. You want to take and take and take, but did you ever for a moment stop to think how you could give? Say that you cant tribute, yet demand ungodly amounts of attention. I'm sorry, I'm just all out of free. If you want to be part of my life, you need to understand where you fit into my world. You are here to serve me. My happiness is of paramount importance. You will do as told, without complaint, or procrastination. You will tribute regularly, without hesitation. Along with your regular tribute, you may be required from time to time to contribute to other items Mistress may desire; a bill I feel that you should take care of; or just something that I want and you will be footing the bill for. If I decide to go on a date, you should automatically know that you will be paying for it. It is now your job to ensure that anything and everything that I want and desire is met. That is your purpose. Your mission statement. You will complete all tasks in a timely manner. If for some reason you are not able to complete the task appointed to you, I expect you to communicate as to why it is not able to be met promptly. I demand honesty; no lies, pretenses, or fables. Don’t think that I wont find out, because I will. I always do. And when I find out you have lied to me, you will pay; dearly. Expect fines, verbal and physical punishment, humiliation, whatever I see fit. I believe the punishment should always fit the crime, so I will decide accordingly. I've been met with the question of why do I require tribute? It is simple, in a courting relationship, you would adore the object of your affection with gifts, correct? There is no difference. And should you ever be lucky enough to experience a real time session with me, know that I expect to be greeted with gifts, but cash will always reign supreme. You will pay for real time sessions; non negotiable. We will meet first, at a location of my choosing, if for any reason I feel uncomfortable, I will promptly get up and leave so I expect utmost respect. I enjoy administering sissy training, cuckoldry, foot worship, cock and ball torture, corporal punishment, humiliation, golden showers, orgasm denial, ruined orgasm, caning, whipping, and aroma torture. I also specialize online in such things as teamviewer lockdowns, blackmail, exposure, exploitation, kik sessions, and Skype.

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