Blackie Lawless: One Beta’s Fantasy

Yeah, you heard me right. I named my strap on after the lead singer for W.A.S.P. Fun fact: W.A.S.P. stands for ‘ We Are Sexual Perverts” so, I find it fitting. Obviously its black. I know a handful of beta’s out there right now , one in particular who inspired me to write this post, that are going bonkers waiting to take a peek at it. Wishing I would take them like they desire to be. Secretly imagining that I would approach from behind, forced down on all fours, and show that tight little asshole no mercy. Thrusting myself in and out, feeling my fake rubber balls slap against your ass. Laughing at you, taunting you; for a guy who’s ‘not gay’ your cock sure is hard right now isnt it? And the more I hate fuck your asshole, and laugh at how you're taking it like a little bitch, you find yourself getting more aroused don't you? If anyone else knew about this you would be so fucked!!! Twitch, Twitch, Drip. Oh but that little maggot cock is so excited isnt it?! Harder. Faster. Pumping my fat black strapon into your ass, grinding up into you, your pindick cant take all the excitement. Precum. You beg for permission to orgasm. ACCESS DENIED. I’m not done with you yet, buttfuck. You still haven’t properly learned how to suck a cock yet reject. I withdraw my lubed up and filthy faux member from your ass, and grab the back of your neck, directing that hot little mouth of yours down onto it. Shhh, I know, youve never done this before. Yeah yeah, got it. Come suck this dick bitch. Bobbing your head up and down, forcing you to take it deeper an deeper, until you find that snot is running down your face as well as saliva, and maybe even a few tears mixed in for good measure. Good boy. What a good job you are doing with this Ass to Mouth action my dildo is getting. Dont you love it? There you go, slurp on it. See, its not that dificult now is it? Now, i guess since Ive have my fill of entertainment with you for the day, you may release that load your little raisins have built up. go ahead and get on with it, if you must jizz; but, in order for you to do so, youre going to gobble all that healthy load right up out of your hands like a starving puppy dog. there you go, blow your load right into your feminine little hands. Lick it up bitch. Oh darling, I forgot one little thing, can you look up for a second, smile big for me and say hello to your wife who will be getting the video shortly!