Is this not just the most fun mindfuck? Is this another one of my games, or is this really happenning? Do I know what you think Iknow, or dare you call my bluff? Do you really tempt fate, or see if I am just toying with your head? You heart wants to jump out of your chest, yest, you find at the same time, you are rather aroused by it all. I continue to dangle the carrot, and you continue to take my bait; hook, line, and sinker. I continue to play with your mind, becuase I know what makes you tick. And each time, you fall right into my trap; such a typical male. There’s just something about me that makes it impossible for you to get me out of your head; youve tried; all unsuccessfull attempts of course, or you wouldn’t still be here, now would you my sweet? You feel so conflicted. Intrigued, scared, aroused, nervous, turned on, and you just dont know what to make of it all. But, you know that you cant seem to stay away. Every part of your being screams for you to run away, yet, something keeps you fixated. Addicted. Conflicted. You try so hard to not think about me, not let my sexy voice echo in your ears but, you’re helpless. And deep down inside, no matter how hard you may try and fight it, you know in your heart that I have control over you. Daily, you find yourself struggling with the urges to do and say things that are out of character for you, and you know that you shouldn’t, but the deviant in you tells you it feels so good.

And then poof! Off I go, ignoring you for a while; letting you stew in your own juices so to speak. Then you find yourself wondering, “Did I do something wrong? Say something wrong? IS she upset with me?” And that is where I find myself sitting back and laughing, as you continue to spiral deeper down into your codependence. Farther down the rabbit hole into your addiction, yet, you cannot stop it. You find yourself thinking of me day and night, glued to your phone, hoping for a message or a photo; just to throw you some bone, but no, theres nothing. Releived and let down at the same time. SO conflicted. Never before have you let another Domme test you and tempt you this much before. You find yourself wanting to push your boundaries just a little more. You find yourself eating out of the palm of my hand should I command you do so. BUt, You find yourself jumping a little when your cell rings and its an unknown number. “Would she really call me?” And the answer is yes. Don’t ever think twice about what I am capable of doing, or what I could do should I decide to get bored, or mad, or madly bored.

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