Another blackmail note.

I never approach my victims. I rarely advertise my services, except for select few sites; so, the way I look at it, if you have found me, you must have been actively seeking trouble. And you always come seeking exploitation. Its always the same. You boys so typical. I know you. I know your type. And, I will use my Southern charm to worm my way into your brain. I will figure out what makes you tick; how you operate, what your weaknesses are, and how I can use them for my own personal benefit. I will humiliate you relentlessly; yet, you will eat it up and come running back for seconds. All because why, you think with your cock. And over time, its starts to accumulate. The one photo you sent as a giggle, has now turned into too many to count. All secretly saved, and tucked away ‘for sake keeping’ of course. Then, the day comes where I ask for something and you stupidly tell me no. Oh, did you forget I had a photo of you with a dirty dildo shoved in your mouth and a carrot up your ass? God, it would be an absolute shame, especially since you live sooo close to me, if that photo was to be printed out and left at the local Walmart and the Library. Im sure SOMEONE you know would recognize that fat little piggy belly and odd patterned back hair and recognize you. Especially if they saw the one of you in your girlfriends panties and lipstick! Oh honey, can you imagine? The look on your girlfriends face when she makes a quick trip to Walmart for some tampons and fuzzy slippers and she happens to see her live in boyfriend in lewd and precarious positions?! And im sure good old mom goes there to people watchin the mornings. Wonder what she would think if she knew her son was a closet flaming homo who advertised on Backpage to suck cock?