November 8th Week in Review with Warbux

Ok, so this week start out pretty humorous. Since Thing 1 has been dubbed the Welcoming Committee, I decided to test out his skills by having my dear old buddy Tex message him, to ‘see how to go about being recruited’. Since Thing 1’s welcome was less than welcoming we joked that he should be demoted to thing 0. However, I decided to keep up this 3 way puppetry. I wanted to see how far Thing 1 would go. The two kept exchanging messages back and forth, and I convinced the thing that the unknown person probably just was flirting and was doing it horribly, so I manipulated Thing 1 into talking dirty to him, while edging his hour ride commute home. The screenshots began to fly! Hilarity ensued! Finally I had to crush Thing 1’s dream and let him know the jig was up and he would be getting no manhandling love action, but not before pissing myself in laughter and sending the screenshots to several of my friends! We all had a great laugh at his expense that day. Thing 1 learned an important lesson this week I think. Take home message is: ANYONE who messages you, or any other boy I own, consider, place on probation; whatever the fuck, just keep it kn the back of your mind that, they could be working for me. My henchmen are many, and eager to try and please me. Remember that shit. I tried to arrange the messages as they came in so they may be a little out of whack, but you get the gist!

Moving right along, Thing 1 FINALLY FINISHED HIS CANDY ASS TASK! TOOK LONG ENOUGH COCKSMOKER! Here is yet another screenshot of the video he completed. The task was to stick as many licorice whips as he could up his ass and record himself shaking his ass to and fro. The idea I had was that it would look like a little octopus coming out of his ass, but the video, he actually looked more like a pony. Either way, I got a good laugh, and even though it took FOR FUCKING EVER the video so sooo worth it. Can’t wait to use it against him when I want something!

Thing 2: Ahh bless his heart. He tries. Still on probation period with me, but I have a feeling I will keep him on as he continues to prove quite loyal to me. He is primarily my hypno slave, but I have been working with him in edging tasks since he does not have much experience with it. Each day he has been made to edge, increasing by one each day. Today, however he admitted to me that he is having a difficult time with this for medical reasons. But, he is doing well with my hypnosis training. The 3 files that he has obtained seem to really be working well for him. Hopefully he keeps up the good work.

Next up on the week in review we have Pinny. Briefly took control of its computer, found a few little incriminating videos, so here you go. Have a feeling, he will probably be barking up my tree again, and when it does, it will PAY.

Also did a very basic Teamviewer lockdown session and filmed it. It is availble on Niteflirt. It is very basic and does not show any installs (keyloggers, K9, RATs, etc)could/can/may install into your pc if you are a true no limits cunt. Nothing better than a little mental domination. Heres the quick vine of the edit as I was working on it, potato quality but you get it.

Lastly, I found Foot Worshiping Male who lives in close proximity to me, so I look forward to seeing what the future hold for this one. Hopefully lots of pedicures, cute shoes and foot rubs!

I have also just about decided that I will be closing my stables for new boys, I think I will take on one more and then, I will not be accepting new playthings until further notice. However, Teamviewer sessions for those who have a proven track record of not being a douche canoe; rules do not apply towards.

Stay tuned for next weeks review with my army of perverts.