Tonights Mindfuck Brought to You By The Letters F & U

Last week, my dear blackmail friend confided to me that he had broken the law. The sin he committed was a horrendous act against the nature of his Mistress, for he had committed rule Number 1: Thou Shalt Not Have Any Dommes besides the one (ME) who is currently warping the fuck out of his noodle of a brain. Now, if you know anything about me, which Im sure most of you dont, you know that I NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER let anything go. It could be a day, a week, a month; fuck, it could be 5 years from now, and if I still hold a vendetta, I'm claiming it. Sure, I may pretend to let sleeping dogs lie, but meanwhile I am plotting your demise. Learn it dipshits. So anyway, back to Mr. Cocksuck Mindfuck, I “forgave” him, setting up the kill shot. I am very calculating in that perspective. I gave it a time span of a week, waiting. Tonight was my opportunity. I seized it. He went out drinking with his friends, making sure to check in with Life360 of course should I decide to do something devious like, I dont know, call the establishment and ask for him just to fuck with his tiny little peabrain. Anyway, he gets to his destination and is instructed to drink, and with each time he goes to relieve himself, must edge; denial of orgasm was a given. As he grew more intoxicated, the texts started to roll in, once again telling me how much he hated his friends and how he wished that he could just go home so that he could talk to me more. As he was distracted, weakly obsessing and drunk, I took it upon myself to enter into his accounts, making sure to send myself a little something for my troubles. I dug through emails dating back to last year, trolling, scrolling, reading; trying to find anything I could to add to the incredibly long list of things I already have against him. Bingo! Found several pieces of incriminating evidence against the halfwit. In doing so, I also found a few other things that did not please me (please see Cardinal Rule #1 as listed above), so I decided to fuck with that drunken little head of his. I sent him numerous messages and tweets, because I knew he was sleeping and when he would wake up, it would scare the piss out of him. When he woke up to go to the bathroom, he saw my barrage of messages, and it of course had its desired effect. Now, keep in mind, I already knew as he had confided earlier about what I had found; I just felt like making his intoxicated little life miserable on this particular night. Threatening to expose him to his Father In Law, who I just happened to acquire the email address to. Cocksuck Mindfuck was sentenced to an additional 180 days of nonconsentual blackmail and the Buy Out was tripled to $1500. Of course, he was astonished when I informed him of his new addendum to my contract; but, as I explained to him, if you have no intentions of straying then, there is truly nothing to worry about, now is there? And the beauty of it, is that I know he would never have $1500 in one lump sum, so he is now stuck to me, as I have more information on him than anyone he has ever come across; and that is because I know what questions to ask, what dirt to dig, and should he decide to stray and not pay for it, well I have his true and accurate information, secrets and little skeletons in his closet to use to destroy his marriage, career, or social life should I decide to do so.