Reasons I chose #BernieOrBust

Originally written as a comment on Youtube, with small edits. These are all my personal reasons; please vote your conscience.

Reasons I’m Bernie or Bust (Bust = Jill)

  1. Accountability: The DNC needs to know that we won’t just “vote Blue” if they put forward a candidate who is a known liar, who does not hold a steady, principled position on ANY issue, and who obviously votes against the will of the people in favor of their donors.
  2. Principle: I cannot in good conscience vote for HRC any more than I could make myself vote for Trump. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, I vote FOR candidates, not against them. Fear voting makes me ill.
  3. Idealism: Sure, I’m a little optimistic when it comes to the future. Not that I think it will be good, but that we can make it a good future. All we have to do is stop accepting the lie of the two party system. I get so sick of hearing “Well, I don’t like either of them, but third parties just don’t have a chance”…….for the love of - if all those people voted third party, we’d be swearing in a third party president.
  4. Effective danger: I believe that HRC is quite possibly more dangerous to our nation in the long run than is Trump, and here is why. Trump is disliked by almost everyone, regardless of party. If he’s elected, we can rest assured that Congress will be able to obstruct him at least as well as they have obstructed Obama for the last either years. HRC, on the other hand, is owned by the same corporate masters as are most of the House and Senate, so she is almost guaranteed to have most of her proposals passed. And her past record leaves little doubt as to how destructive her policies are for the poor and minorities. Trade deals, prison deals, war deals….these are what we can expect, without a doubt, from a Clinton presidency.

I’m not the only one who has noticed these things, either. No matter how you slice it, I think it would be less risky to take the leap to a third party vote than it would be to remain on this roller coaster of disaster. Both major parties have become so corrupt that they are no longer worth “incremental” improvements of any kind. If the Dems reject the clear offer of salvation they’re getting from progressives in the form of Bernie, then they should be abandoned in favor of actual progressive and liberal candidates, such as the Green party.

And while I realize that for most people the primary seems over, I’d like to remind everyone just one more time that the Dems will not nominate their candidate until the convention in late July. If on July 29th Bernie is not their chosen nominee, I’ll move on to Jill Stein. Until then, anyone trying to convince me that I should give up on Bernie is just wasting their breath.

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