FirmBook Wants to Empower “Digital Lawyers”

Dominic Bouchard
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Lawyers are entrepreneurs by nature.

Running a law practice requires to find clients, develop a good network (legal services are mostly coming from referrals — 62% in fact), generate revenue and manage all the administrative task(invoicing, collection, etc.) related to it.

That demand a lot of business acumen.

On top of that, there is a new component to cope with: the internet shift.

Now 71 percent of people use their smartphones to find a solution to a legal problem.

That means that lawyers “need” to have an online presence.

This is nothing new in 2018 but its surprising to see that the legal profession has not yet completely shifted toward those online channels like so many other industries did.

I think it’s fair to say the legal profession can be slower to adopt new technology giving its sensitive nature and regulatory framework.

Another reason is that having a web presence, for a lawyer, take times, technical skills, money, and can induce lots of headaches.

To make it worthwhile you’ll also need a new approach to promote your legal services such as using social media or by creating online content for example.

Now online forums/communities and social media are filled with potential customers.

It’s just a different game that it was only 5 years ago.

This is why we’re seeing more lawyers using almost solely the internet to find clients on the back of Facebook or working remotely from Bali.

That’s the future.

No integrated solution

There are a plethora of tools lawyers can use to create a website or take online appointments for example but there’s still no integrated solution available where you get all the tools necessary to manage your “virtual” law firm in one place.

You’ll most often need to hire agencies, developers, use expensive software or a patchwork of integration forcing you to pay dozens of monthly subscription per month.

On the other side of the spectrum, we saw a lot of platforms spurred in the last couple years attempting to give an online platform were lawyers can advertise themselves (some with good success) and be connected with potential clients.

But they don’t give total control over the client you’re been connected with or over the content lawyers put on those websites.

That doesn’t really empower lawyers to build their firm on top of them.

There’s a need for a solution that will enable lawyers to build easily and at low-cost their virtual firm and connect with potential clients.

This is what we’re working on here.

A platform that allows lawyers to build an elegant website with built-in online video appointments with integrated online payment, automatic customer review, social media posting along with custom reports on the firm’s online reach.

All the marketing tools helping “digital lawyers” to build efficiently their online presence and track their “online word of mouth”.

E-commerce is a well-known industry but “virtual law firm”has yet to reach the same kind of popularity among lawyers. Our product is design to help lawyers achieve the same result.

In most law practice, it's easy to see lawyers managing their law firm completely remotely with video consultation, online marketing as well as exchanging referral or caseload via a community of like-minded “digital lawyer”.

We envision this for lawyers.

Access to justice

But there is a bigger goal in mind.

The easier it is to create and manage an online presence for lawyers the better it is for legal consumers in the long run.

More lawyer online = more accessibility = better services = better law system.

It’s obvious to us that the future of law is online. Lawyers will be more and more “connected” with people and their customers rather in their office.

In a not so distant future, all professionals (lawyer, accountant, mediator, financial planner, doctors, therapist, etc.) will be accessible online — through your own social network — and there will be no need to go to their office (most of the time).

In return, their service will also be more accessible and affordable.

We believe this change is happening and we want to help.

Intrigued? Check us out at

Dominic Bouchard

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