Innovative Education Programmes

A list of interesting PG opportunities that are better than the standard model

  • 42 — A school with no teachers, exclusively for computer science. No qualifications required to apply, but there is a one month long selection process. Students complete a “masterclass” in their final year. Employs peer-to-peer and self-teaching.
  • Olin College of Engineering — combining user-centered design, interdisciplinary projects, a studio environment and learning by doing to change engineering education
  • NMITE — new university in Hereford re-examining UG engineering education, with a more hands-on, project-based approach
  • Innovation Design Engineering (Imperial College, the RCA),
  • Global Innovation Design (Imperial College, the RCA)
  • Singularity University
  • Minerva University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology’s online CS course
  • Parsons News School of Design
  • Kaos Pilots
  • Forum for the Future
  • Shift Design — the aim is creative behaviour change, everything from posters to social enterprises to talks: the whole gamut
  • YearHere, includes a course on social innovation, modules focusing on creating actual impact (such as a course writing for socal change, social entrepreneurship, creative strategies for change). In addition, it has benefits that outrun my plans: its frontline, long term placements allow individuals genuine insight. This combined with the space/support to do something new. Has several key virtues, one of which is “Autodidacticism”: Purpose. Enquiry. Autodidacticism – The self-belief and techniques you need to teach yourself anything. Criticality. Hustle. They also have the “No Campus” feature that I had posited.
  • The Protege — don’t intern, become a protege
  • THNK
  • Worthwhile
  • Shuttleworth
  • Makerversity
  • Unrulyversity

Other things

  • School21 — taught oracy, leadership and debate
  • Bethnal Green Ventures
  • 20 under 20
  • UnCollege