Thought-provoking. Thanks!
Fredrik Matheson

Possibly! Certainly the change in structure to accomodate clients is true. I don’t think particular industries or markets are better fits for one type of ‘leadership’ or organisational structure than others, though.

Ultimately I think it’s far more about structuring (consciously or not) how power (over decisions, resources, etc.) flows through an organisation than it is about the organisation finding a good ‘fit’ within a market.

There’s plenty of examples in multiple industries and countries of radical democratic (or dictatorial, or bureaucratic-managerial, or spiritual, etc.) organisations having comparable productivity to others in the same market, so I’m not sure I agree with the species argument.

I think where Mintzberg sees fixed (but still ‘customised’) structures operating in different contexts (where a species jump seems like a big deal) I’m seeing fluid agents reacting to the (again, conscious or not) demands of other fluid agents. I could be misreading him! I haven’t read anything by him before. Let me know if this isn’t what he means.

I’m glad you liked the piece, also! Thanks.

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