After reading a very interesting article by Jon Evans (@rezendi) on Techcrunch, I made this response on Twitter. It was quick fire, unresearched, with respect, and hopefully for conversation:

Jon, your fear is in direct contrast with Apple’s vision and purpose, which is to deliver amazing user experiences. This is what underpins their privacy policies, and their success in design and maybe their whole company’s success. It is so core that changing it would completely break people’s trust.

As Google offers a really strong alternative in its own right (thankfully!) any bad behaviour would result in mass exodus from Apple and probably class action law suits.

Trust is the unofficial ‘license to operate’ that is becoming more and more important for businesses to thrive in today’s perpetually changing world.

What you have put forward sounds the digital equivalent of getting a store cupboard ready for. when everyone turns against us all. If Apple betray trust then the exodus leaves their data defunct as it would no longer be live. It would be past data, which isn’t interesting for ongoing surveillance.

Having said all this, I think your article makes a really great plot for what could be the prequel to Ready Player One!!