It’s the “system money”, stupid!

A guide to use your money wisely!

What is “system money”?

Simple answer for most of the people around the globe: The money which they use every day.

Everybody has heard the term “monetary system”, “financial system” or“money system”. Not seldom in connotation with another famous word — crisis. Despite the prevalent mentions in everyday media, it stays almost impossible for the layman as well as the expert to thoroughly investigate and understand these systems. Chances are even high, that any research is dismissed as too complicated. A good start could be by reflecting on the term “system money” instead.

The dominant system money as of today is the “Petrodollar”. It basically functions as the world reserve currency, of which there were many predecessors (e.g. Peso or Pound). Today there are other competing national (Yuan) or international (Euro) monies. They all share the same approach: Money is debt. It is not far off, to speak of a mono-culture of monetary policy. Other forms of exchange (e.g. digital and community currencies, company issued tokens, gold or other substitutes) only play a minor role in the grand scheme of things. However, this could change dramatically as the digital revolution advances and advantages of alternatives become more visible.

Neither [the] system nor the money are our enemies. It is our unconscious behavior that makes things complicated.

Each and every system, be it technological, biological or social, depends on an allocation of resources and energy. In modern day society system money plays a major role in every transaction (=economic language). And through transactions we shape our realities around the globe.

“Money is power”

A phrase as deep entrenched in our minds, easily becomes hard to reflect upon, not to speak of questioning it. In my opinion it is misleading us! As the opposite “without money — no power” is obviously not true.

I would rather tend to say:

Money is power only inside the system we buy/pay into
Money is a derivative of (blind) trust in each other
Money creates a powerful shared illusion, which benefits us in many cases

As long as the system (money) is in favor of our personal and collective interests, the rational choice is to use it as a currency for all kind of transactions. Thereby each of us gives his or her consent to the rules of the greater play. And we stop asking questions such as:

  • Why are we collectively using system money, that only favors the ominous 1%?
  • What does our usage of system money at everyday transactions imply?
  • Do we really strive for equality and liberty or is it the fascination of (assumed) power that keeps our system (aka the American dream) alive?

We go voting every day

If democracy would only mean one thing, it is probably NOT the power of the majority to rule over the minority, but the power of choice inherited to each individual choice maker.

We go voting once every couple of years, if we live in a “democracy”, but we go out voting with our system money everyday. Which one can be estimated more effective in changing the status quo (if we wish to do so)?

Each and every vote (transaction) can be split into two independent choices.

The first choice is about the products we buy and which are mirroring our values, financial status and our lifestyle (e.g. cheap, organic, GMO-free,…). This simple choice alone has vast implications on the structures and organizations, we collectively support and build. It is almost ironic, that most buying decisions will lead to consequences we try to fight in other circumstances.
The second choice is easy to forget. It is about [the] money we use. Every money needs a system in which it is transacted. And every system follows an inherent logic and a certain set of values. Either you agree and comply with these values or it is your duty to opt-out and help building and testing alternatives. It is wasted energy to complain in the morning about the same system, you later in the day use without losing a single thought on it.

For a long time, there were no practicable alternatives to national currencies. However, the digital revolution will open this field faster and more radical, than most people might imagine. Think about the internet (mainstreamed only 20–15 years ago) or the smart phone (mainstreamed only 10–5 years ago). Bitcoin as the first digital and (to a certain degree decentralized) currency is already 7 years old!

My (insane) motivation — questions for me and you

Why am I striving for (system) money? Will it give me power over others? Do I appreciate the system in the first place? Why do I not develop alternatives, try them out and if beneficial — start using them? Can it be, that no matter how much I desire to cherish change in my life, I am also afraid of the consequences? Is complaining about my impotence easier than claiming my mightiness? Am I a change pretender?

Did I buy the system? Or did the system buy me?

Am I crazy?

Blindly striving for every thing [career, reputation, status] that promises ME money, in the hope it will give ME power over others in order to force change in a system that I did not want in the first place.

or am I insane?

Complaining about MY impotence. Doing nothing to change the only thing I have power over. ME. But instead giving away all MY power (of choice) in order to become one of those “elected” powerful persons, I so much despise today.

Do we really believe, once the world starts to change, that money is not going to be affected? How is this even possible? If money is a derivative of the web of trust underpinning our human interactions, it consequently has to follow the development of human consciousness. Let wisdom and curiosity be the drive to find the best combination (ecosystem of monies) that really serves our interests.

How can I use “system money” wisely?

Embrace the status quo. It offers so many learning opportunities…

The current system may try to buy/pay you with reputation and recognition on the “positive” side and distraction and fear (aka terror) on the “negative” side. Find out if there are good reasons to support the status quo! Maybe you even start to be thankful to TPTB (cynical synonym for the almighty rich rulers) — as they live our dream of endless power over others and designed the system. What differentiates you from them is, that they know it’s just a well played illusion.

The second step is also really easy. Every time you pay with Dollars or Euros, Yen or Yuan, remind yourself of participating in [a] system. There may be good reasons to favor “stable” (not so sure about that) state currency instead of volatile alternatives.

If we know why we are using Euros or Dollars — instead of a community currency or Bitcoin for example — every transaction becomes a manifestation of our values. Free choice is a wonderful thing.

I envision a monetary ecosystem that makes [my] real values transact-able with other humans real values.

If you are in the social change business, because you are disgusted by something. No matter what. Ask yourself if you are really a driver for change if you still use the same system (money) that disgusts you so much!? If you fear real change and are familiarized with the status quo more than you thought before, try to find people who are committed to go the same path with you. You are not alone.

In this regard, being the change you want to see in the world, is probably the most radical choice in ones life.

True power is no illusion

After all you know — if you really want to go to war, start with the only person in power. YOU. However, I recommend you to be mindful with yourself and go the path of a true warrior — who recognizes all the conflicts, all the fear and all the love he or she sees in the world within him or herself.

System money is a neutral force for the qualities we call intentioned, as well as the qualities that we observe as unintentional. However, qualities and well-meant intentions change over time. Let’s not be stupid and cement ourselves in the status quo forever — forever-ever — forever-ever.

Your power belongs to you — use it wisely!