The Big RedBull heist.

Today (14th october) is two years ago they pulled one of the best PR stunts in the world by dropping Felix Baumgartner from space and streaming the event live. It’s time again.

The ”Red bull gives you wings” slogan has been the international slogan of Red bull targeting the extreme sports crowd. But now it’s time to go on.

I’m not a conspiratorial bastard. Im really not. but for me I’d like to understand when a multibillion company pulls a stunt. I’m not asking you to trust me just look at it from another angle.

A PR strategy basically works in this way.
1. Build a strategy.
2. Pull a stunt.
3. Gain Media value.

More specific, gain media value that is worth more then the cost of the stunt.

I’m going go show you my thought of this strategy.

Red bull slogan ”Red bull gives you wings” is old and in need of a new line.

WHAT: Create a buzz about the slogan around the world.

WHY: Red bull is a hard brand to gain media value especially for an old slogan and a used name. Normally its been named ”energy drink”.

HOW: Create a stunt so that media NEED to write: ”Red bull ……… Red bull gives you wings”

Step #1
Take an old lawsuit /or fabricate a new one based on that: Red bull dosen’t actually give you wings.

Step #2
Settle the suit, by giving people $10 to each north-american OR $15 In red bull products. (the cost of that is FAR less then $15)
NOTE: the lawsuit is up to $13Million so it’s not for everyone. (this is the stunt budget)

Step #3
Roll-out the new slogan, and the world is wondering ”How did red bull solve this now?!?”

So now we gone through this strategy, lets look in what it has gained:

  • In Media the red bull article was one of the top read articles around the world.
  • By now the worth of media coverage is way more then the lawsuit of $13Million.
  • The buzz about Red bull as the good guys has been escalating.
  • The has gained home addresses to millions of users.
  • The SECOND wave of media interest is widely open to write about the new slogan.

I hope these words opens people eyes up what happens when the creative minds of a PR agency and multibillion corporates collide .
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