Thursday, March 19, in NYC
Made possible by Domino, eBay, VentureBeat, O’Reilly Media and other generous folks.

We were counting down the days until Gigaom Structure Data this week in NYC, so when we heard that Gigaom was shutting its doors, we were as surprised and saddened as the rest of the industry. We personally knew many on the team, and nobody saw it coming. One of our friends told us, “about an hour before they told us the news, I was approving menu selections for our Headline dinner at Structure Data next week.”

Om and Gigaom’s founders worked hard to find a partner to take over the event, but it just didn’t work out in such a short period of time. Meanwhile, we had plane tickets, hotels, and meetings planned. A light bulb went off: what if we organized a meetup for everyone who still wanted a great data science event in NYC?

A light bulb went off: what if we organized a meetup for everyone who still wanted a great data science event in NYC?

After hundreds of phone calls, many more emails and e-introductions, our generous friends at eBay agreed to host and sponsor the first part of the event. The word quickly spread to Venturebeat and O’Reilly Media, who wanted pool efforts and participate.

By Friday evening, we had it: UNSTRUCTURED: The first-ever Data ‘POP-UP” in NYC. We were overwhelmed with the help and support we received from the data science community to make this event possible. Thank you. We were even able to secure speakers from GO Structure Data, VentureBeat and O’Reilly Media, and also engaged the NYC data community to take part in our efforts.

Unstructured will take place on Thursday, March 19th 8:00am — 6:30pm EDT. Morning Pop-up Sessions will go on from 8am to 2pm and will be hosted via eBay at their HQ in NYC. Afternoon Pop-up Sessions will take place from 3pm to 6:30pm and will be hosted down the street by Work-Bench.

We want to unite the NYC data community and to provide an alternate forum for ‘GigaOm Structure’ planned attendees; the first 100 tickets are for you. Use DOMINODATAPOPUP as the password.

Here’s our official event abstract

In the wake of the shuttered GigaOm ‘Structure’ conference, we created ‘UNSTRUCTURED’, the first-ever Data Pop-Up, to unite the brightest leaders in the data field who are passionate about asking the right questions and identifying problems worth solving. #UNSTRUCTURED is a day-long forum for executives, data scientists, developers and business development professionals alike.

Hear VentureBeat, O’Reilly, Cornell University, SVDS, and Domino experts give thoughtful lightening talks to spark conversation around the future of data, robotics, predictive analytics, machine learning, model driven business decisions and more.

Thursday, March 19 2015 New York City

Morning Pop-up Sessions
VB, O’Reilly, Domino and eBay
eBay HQ: 625 6th Ave, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011
8:00am — 1:30pm EDT

Afternoon Pop-up Sessions
Featuring: SVDS, Twosigma, Datadog, Cornell University and others
Work-Bench HQ: 110 5th Ave, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10011
2:30pm — 5:30pm EDT

Followed by Cocktail Hour brought to you by us : )
5:30pm — 7:00pm EDT

Registration is now open.


If you want to be a part of this unstructured data pop-up, make sure to grab your seat quickly, we have a limited number of spots.