What i’ve learnt from Sprint Reviews [ Junior PM POV]

I’m a last semester student of Computer Science and im doing my internship at a software company in México.

This is just for junior PM’s

I started with a 8 week scrum training, im continuing learning and growing up, now after this 8 week training program I discovered I’m not the same as the day I entered here.

Besides school the real life is very complex and far different, now i know that school is just the top of the iceberg about project management.

Last day I had my first Sprint planner review and things are not as i expected

I learnt that you should always ask for detailed info in every demonstration that developers are showing because mostly they say its ok and describing all fancy features, but always you should keep the vision of the goal and ask them if was completed or not.

Also make an exhaustive checkout of their task, clarify any doubt or wrong understanding

Keep the team motivated and always highlight their work, so they will be proud of their work and motivated to improve it even more.