Think different when doing photography

Dominik Skorynko – Topic: Photography

Photography is an art of expressing yourself in photos. When you take a regular photograph people don’t stop to look for a second time if it is a generic looking picture with nothing creative about it.

Photograph By: Dominik Skorynko

When thinking before you shoot remember to look at all the possible angles for your shoot to be taken from. You also want to be thinking how you can edit the photo to make it look even better than it already is in post ( Editing photo after taking it ). You want to stand out in your photography. To catch people’s attention you need to make something nice looking and really good in the eye of the people that will be looking at it. I honestly only post the images that I think people that like that specific field of the image, and will look at the picture for either longer than just a scroll of their Instagram page, or look at it more than once. We live in a digital age and if you don’t stand out in the photographs that you take, people will forget and it will be part of you digital past.

Task of the Blog: Go take a picture and make it look different than another picture of a similar object. Tag me in your photograph on twitter:


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