Stop Selling Products, Start Selling Experience

Bipin Domy Thomas
Mar 28, 2017 · 3 min read

Two months into 2017, it is time for brands to stay away from selling products and come closer to selling experiences. Because that is one way, we can build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Domy focuses on brewing innovations in User Experience and here are the five things we focus in 2017:

1. Experience is your new product

We have millions of products out there, trying to solve real problems. However, solving a problem alone is no longer the destiny of a product. It has to create a uniquely positive impact on its users. To achieve that with any product, while covering the basics we must also focus on the details.

That is why UX is not just the responsibility of the UX designer. Everyone who works on a user-facing product is part of the User Experience team.

2. Time-saving designs

People are growing impatient and time is the most valuable thing today. We can help our customers save their time by allowing them to take just one action at a time, through simplicity and convenience.

It is more than just decluttering the information on a website. Innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence will contribute a lot to it.

3. User-focused designs for advanced personalization

While Responsive Design adapts a layout to a wide range of devices, Personalization in UI Design or Age-Responsive Design is changing a design to a person.

If Responsive Design is device-focused, the Age-Responsive Design is user-focused.

It is possible by leveraging the metadata, tapping into information already provided by the user to do many personalizations such as adjusting the font size, screen brightness, or sound.

Tastes and opinions differ from person to person. Our apps and websites need to be smart enough to understand the “real user” to serve them just right. For instance, adding opposing opinions on the social feed may help improve the conversations.

Similarly, we all have personal favourites when it comes to movies, so why should the apps we use recommend the same towards everyone? Domy is working on a personized recommendation app in the entertainment domain, The Alpha testing is in progress, and it should reach the market by the end of March.

4. Conversational interfaces

An average user only uses around three apps frequently, and one of them is a messaging app. People love chatting and with proper use of Chatbots, voice-activated communication platforms, and AI, we can take advantage of this fact to create the perfect experience for our customers.

5. Analyse the user experience, understand the user journey

Qualitative analytics tools such as touch heat-maps or user session recordings can help developers to know and fix the loopholes, eliminate bugs, or design a more intuitive interface. It will also contribute to capturing customers’ perceptions of their experiences about their goals, needs and expectations. Moreover, we build the Customer Journey Map from the user’s perspective, not an internal business point of view.

Are you building a product or a positive experience for your user this year? Ping me on Twitter: Bipin Domy Thomas

Bipin Domy Thomas

Written by

Founder & CEO at @domyinc. Passionate about #ux , riding the @royalenfield, and listening to @arrahman

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