I’m sorry this has me worn out.

I understand some of the feeling your getting I spent half of March arguing with Trump supporters that he is dangerous to our country. It doesn’t matter to them that he is using very similar tactics to those Hitler used to take power in Germany. It doesn’t matter to them that he is advocating violence, bigotry, and war crimes. It doesn’t matter to them that during his career in business he exploited the weaknesses in our system more egregiously than any of the “corrupt politicians” they jeer, driven 4 businesses into the ground, been kicked off his own show for his behavior, and has no relevant experience governing. They don’t care because they think he will Make America Great Again! They forget Hitler promised to Restore Germany to Greatness and caused them even more trouble and has left them an eternal shame on their history. Sanders may be an idealist & Clinton may be as cold as you mentioned in your last post but neither is going to cause World War III, Trump just might. Though I’m not sure they can at this point I am actually hoping the GOP can successfully stop him and regain some bit of control. Though as the Trump supporters are statistically the least educated of the supporters of any candidate in this race the attacks they leveled were mainly the same insults over and over again. Honestly they got more boring than offensive after the first week of it. Who knows maybe a Trump supporter will wander in here and I’ll get another round of it on this server. Maybe I will be lucky and it will be the Unicorn, a Trump supporter that will know how to have a civil conversation on the issues. If you meet this being please point them out before they run away.

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