Independent voters do not build the party.

shava23 1st I at no point advocated for running to the middle. I said don’t spit in the faces of the Sanders supporters and try to get them to stay with and vote with the Democratic party. I referenced independents because Sanders has a lot of independent support and a lot of them are Millennials. The Baby Boomers are diminishing, the Millennials already outnumber them. If the Democratic party act like you and spits in the faces of the Millennials instead of educating them and bringing them into the party then the party is in more trouble than the GOP is with Trump. The Fascist monstrosity is precisily why we need to recruit undecided Millennials this election cycle not next.

As somebody who supports Howard Dean, and hopes he will be able to come back for another presidential run some day, none of your information concerning him is new or is working in your attempt to chastise me.

As far as the age conversation. Trying to call Sanders old can only help Cruz as every other candidate is in their 60’s (Clinton and Trump will both be 69 at the time of the new president is to take office.)

I wasn’t attacking the finance system in general I was attacking your defense, which misrepresented it as something other than the necessary & yes like any system corruptible things it is. Should it be replaced? Maybe. Is using that funding technique necessarily a bad thing? No. Is saying the Clinton is doing what she is doing with the money raised out of concern for the anybody besides herself a misrepresentation? Yes. To answer your question no the president doesn’t run the country on his or maybe one day her own. Its called the executive branch, not position, for reasons as you’re well aware of. I hope every middle-school student knows that but no I don’t expect it as they taught that information to them in middle-school when it was of little immediate value to most of them not high-school when they are more likely to realize its value.

If you don’t want a response in semi-real time why are you posting on the internet? As for calling me a BernieBro, please do explain where you got that? (For anybody reading this conversation that doesn’t know a BernieBro is somebody that dismisses women who support Hillary as voting with thier vaginas not their heads. They are characterized to be predominately but not necessarily white males.) I never even said you shouldn’t support Hillary. I said you shouldn’t attack & alienate Sanders supporters and that you made some inaccurate claims. Your personal attacks aside most of your response was to issues I did not comment upon where you made a false presumption of my opinion. I expect more attention to detail from somebody claiming to be a well educated Vermonter. That is why you still disappoint me.

P.S. This didn’t seem to fit anywhere in my post so I’ll put it here. I never dismissed your argument. I criticized it do to the inaccuracies and tone it used. However, I thought it was well written in some way but needed a persuasive tone not an attacking tone. I still hope you might rewrite it in a more persuasive and less spit in the persons face tone and actually convince some people to permanently join the Democratic party instead of pushing them towards the GOP. If you’re successful please write another to get republicans to go independent and try to shave them down a bit. Although I don’t expect you to sit idly that long on this, if you would like to revisit this conversation in 4 or 8 years as you suggested I will happily talk to you then. However, I may need a reminder as I will likely be in other conversations & I doubt I will remember this specific conversation that far out.

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