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Wayne Manor is the stately residence of billionaire Bruce Wayne, secretly Batman. Batman is, after or before Superman, the one of the most renown superhero. He captivated audience with his incredible automobile and his beautiful, elegant and big house. The residence is typically depicted as a huge mansion on grounds outside Gotham City , maintained by the Wayne family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. According to the story, the house had belonged to the Wayne family for several generations. This house also serves to hide the massive underground cave that Batman uses as base of operations.

The Batcave

The Batcave in an extensive subterranean cave system. This place was discovered by Bruce Wayne when he was a child and then he used it as the base of his operations as Batman. Getting access to the Batcave has been controversial since different storylines in the comics, movies and shows show a different method to get in.

Usually, the access is located in a hidden door behind a non-functioning grandfather clock, at the study. The door opens when the clock is turned to 10:47 p.m., the time when Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were killed. The ground where the Batcave is located also includes a waterfall. Hence, a Batboat could be accommodated there.

The impact the Cataclysm had on the Manor

A massive earthquake struck Gotham City, and its epicenter was less than a mile from Wayne Manor. The mansion suffered a lot of damages. Consequently, the cave network suffered a lot damages as well and it had to be repaired because damages revealed the cave.

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The new Manor is a veritable fortress, a pastiche of Gothic architecture combined with features of castellated architecture. Solar panels are installed in the new Manor, providing environmentally-friendly electricity generation for the complex. It also includes a heliport for commercial helicopters.

The architecture of Wayne Manor is based on Gotham City architecture. The city architecture is based on real architectural periods and styles with exaggerated characteristics, such as massively multi-tiered flying buttresses of Gothic cathedrals or the huge art deco and art nouveau statuary

Other media depiction

Tim Burton films

In 1989’s Batman, Knebworth House, a Gothic Tudor mansion 28 miles north of London was used for the exterior. The interior however, is Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. The gaming room from the movie used the long gallery, and the marble hall was used for Wayne’s ‘arsenal’ with the two-way mirror.

In Batman Returns (1992), the passageway to the Batcave is uncovered by turning on the lights of an ornament in a nearby aquarium and dropping through a false floor in an iron maiden.

Joel Schumacher films

In Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997), Webb Institute in Glen Cove, New York was used for the exterior shots of Wayne Manor. In Batman Forever Dick Grayson discovers an entrance to the Batcave concealed behind a silverware storage cupboard.

Christopher Nolan films

In the more recent Batman Begins (2005), the former Rothschild estate, Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire, was used to portray Wayne Manor’s exterior and interior. The secret passage is an elevator shaft originally built as part of the Underground Railroad, accessed by playing three notes on a nearby piano.

In Batman Begins, the main part of the mansion is destroyed by fire caused by Ra’s al Ghul, however its foundation survives intact and rebuilding efforts are underway as the film ends, with Alfred Suggesting to Bruce to make improvements on the mansion’s southeast corner (where the Batcave is located).

In The Dark Knight (2008), Wayne Manor is still being reconstructed, thus it is never seen. Bruce Wayne relocates to a penthouse within a hotel he purchased and his equipment is located in a different area; a secret bunker underneath a cargo container by the docks owned by Wayne Enterprises. The penthouse has a secret entrance to a location within the hotel where Wayne hides his equipment as Batman. Wayne Manor is confirmed by Bruce as being within the city limits, apparently in a suburb called the Palisades.

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Batman (TV series)

In the 1960s live action series, the exteriors were shot at 380 S. San Rafael Dr. in Pasadena. The interiors were shot at various sound stages. Access to the Batcave: the primary passage was located in Bruce Wayne’s study behind a bookshelf that retracted into the wall. For reasons never revealed, the poles allowed for Batman and Robin to inexplicably go from their civilian garb to costume (although the film based on the TV show displays a switch which does that). The bookshelf was activated by a switch hidden in a bust of William Shakespeare. The bookshelf would disappear to reveal two labeled fire poles descending to the Batcave.

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