The Best 10 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Modern Smart Home

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Smart homes are a reality nowadays, and no longer a luxury reserved to millionaires who brag about being able to turn their AC down using an iPad. Advances in technology are making so smart devices connected to our everyday appliances are more common, affordable and easy to use.

These gadgets are not only cool to use, but also have a great value in making your quality of life so much better. Using this machines you can save time, feel safer and just enjoy your home a lot more than you used to. After all, this is the place where you live with your loved ones, so why not making it a highly technological abode?

Here we bring you some of the coolest gadgets to make every home feel like a million dollar technological castle.

ecobee3 Smarter Wi Fi Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is quite famous today and it has become staple when we are talking about smart homes. However, the ecobee3 is worth a second look and comparing it to its more popular brother. Both devices allow you to control your temperature remotely and they also learn your preferences helping you save money by regulating your ambient temperature accordingly. The ecobee3 shines when we look at its brighter and bigger display and the fact that it allows for connection to smaller remote sensors that get a more accurate reading of your home’s temperature.

August Smart Lock

Smart locks are all the rage lately and with good reason. They are safer than keys, easy to install and they allow you to truly customize access to your home. You are able to let certain people into the home even you are not there by simply using the app remotely. Great for allowing a repair crew when you aren’t home and monitoring when the kids arrive after school.

Philips Hue Light Bulbs

These bulbs are the ultimate technology in home lighting. They are eco-friendly, beautiful looking and allow you to fully customize the mood in the room. They can change color, intensity and luminance and all from the app on your phone. They are not cheap, but definitely worth it.

Nest Protect

Nest Protect is the latest technology in home alert. Forget about the old smoke and fire alarms that just start beeping away when you are cooking poorly. The Nest Protect can also send you alarms to your phone if something at home isn’t quite right and if it goes off in the middle of the night, a helpful light can guide you in the dark to reach safety. In case you want to show off your culinary skills, there is an option to turn off non-emergency alarms.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a great tool not just to listen to music at home and using it as a Bluetooth speaker; but also it can serve as a home Siri assistant. Echo is a bridge to the Internet and it can help you perform small tasks like setting up alerts, calendars and making some searches here and there. Not quite Jarvis from Iron Man, but it’s a start.

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Belkin WeMo Switch

This great for those of you who have a tendency to leave appliances on when you leave the house; or at least think you left them on? Either way, the Belkin WeMo Switch allows you to turn off whatever is plugged into it by using the app on your phone. The app also allows you to regulate spending by allocating a certain amount of energy use to specific appliances and have them turn off when they reach their max.

Roomba 980

Who doesn’t want a robotic vacuum to chase their cat around? Well this is the smartest Roomba yet and it uses technology to map out your floor plan and clean your home. The robot can operate for 2 hours straight before recharging itself and then getting back to work. The app allows you to set up cleaning schedules and turn it on even if you aren’t home.

LG Rolling Bot

Although it may look like a toy, the LG Rolling Bot can be a great alternative for home security. The round robot is a camera that can be wirelessly controlled from your phone and move about your home. The Robot also comes with a speaker and a microphone.

Prizm Speaker

This is the ultimate technology on home speakers packed together with streaming music services. The Prizm accesses your subscription services and allow you to play music directly from there. It starts playing music when you enter the room, receives voice commands and it also accommodates for your friend’s music tastes in case they are in the room with you.

Parrot Pot

The parrot pot is the latest technology in pots for plants. It has an internal database with thousands of plants knowing the correct moisture and nutrients level available in the soil to automatically maintain your plants alive. The device is able to keep the plant alive if you’re not able to refill the water by only giving it the right amount.

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